Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Tip #3: 5 great uses for conditioner

This might be common knowledge but use it like a hair mask. I remember watching an interview with Paula Dorf who stated most high end leave in conditioning treatments have similar ingredients as value brand conditioners.  Since that day I have been using idea and ran with it. For best results I apply enough to saturate dry hair and let it simmer while watching a movie. 

Conditioner is a life altering shave cream. If you want soft, smooth, moisturized legs you must try this. I find really rich conditioners work best for this.

Humidity can make your hair go a little crazy to say the least. I like to add a little conditioner to the tips of my hair to tame fly always. Not only does this help fly but I personally find it very nourishing too. 

Hydrating bath treatment. Who knew that a squeeze of conditioner could transform your bath to something really special? This was a discovery I made by complete fluke, but it works like a charm if you want super soft skin.

Theirs is no denying it make up brushes can cost a small fortune. Conditioner as a makeup brush cleanser is ideal if you plan on keeping your tools. While I am I love using alcohol based brush cleansers there is no denying they make hair on brushes dry and brittle. Consequently I always deep cleanse my brushes with conditioner.

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  1. I've tried using conditioner when shaving and it's great and I find using it on makeup brushes too is a great idea

  2. Great tips, Tanya! I'll have to see how my conditioner performs as a shave cream next time! xo



    1. can't wait to hear how it worked out for you!