Sunday, May 18, 2014

Cottage Beauty Bag

The open lake, loons and Smores just give a sense of serenity. At the cottage I let my hair down, swim, and eat copious amounts of junk junk-food  So with the cottage season herer and the weather heating up I thought I would share with you my cottage must beauty must haves.


Insect Repellant
This isn’t really a beauty must have its more like mandatory thing. I hate mosquito bites come to think about it I’m not sure of the person who likes them. I have tried various kinds over the years including natural offerings, patches and the hyped up repellent bracelets. I always come back to OFF Deep Woods.
Am I really talking about mosquito repellent right now? I lead a very interesting life.

I am a sunscreen advocate and with my pale skin I have to be.  To avoid burns, I use two sunscreens one for my face and one for my body. I have been using my La Vanilla Baby block for my face since last year summer so it’s on unfortunately this tube is last leg. The La Vanilla Baby Block is a light formula that isn’t too greasy or heavy. Having been formulated for babies the formula is ideal for people with very sensitive skin. I haven’t been able to find this since repurchasing so I am going to start using my old favorite Clarins SPF soon.
My body SPF go to is the Shiseido Ultra Sun protection. It says it’s for the face and body but I find it quite heavy to wear on the face. With that being said if I know I am going to spend a lot of time in the sun I will wear this on my face too. By far this is the best performing sunscreen I have come across to date.

Bio Derma
This is my go to makeup remover. While I don’t wear makeup at the cottage it’s nice to freshen up during the day, especially if you have bug spray or sunscreen on your face.
I was able to score a mini of Bio Derma as a gift with purchase at Shoppers Drug Mart. However I have seen these handy minis on sale at Shoppers too.

Purity Cleanser
Foil samples are worth their weight in gold when you travel. Not only do they hardly take up room but they don’t leak either. I am bringing my cherished Purity cleanser with me, which you can read my whole review here.
Avene Skin Recovery Cream Rich
This cream is a great go to for anyone with sensitive skin. I would describe this cream and nourishing yet balancing. On one hand this calms and intensely hydrates my eczema, on the other hand it doesn’t feel too thick to use on the rest of my face. This is seriously great stuff!

Makeup Essentials
I know what your thinking, makeup at the cottage? It just so happens the time where I don’t bring makeup, are all the times were I most need it. So to appear alive I bring the Bobbi Brown Corrector. It’s a must for me if I want to get rid of those dark circles. To look awake I am bringing a tube of mascara. I am bringing my Essence Crazy Volume Extreme, it happens to be my all time favourite  And for the lips I am brining Dior Lip Glow because it adds just a touch of color without looking like lipstick.  Sometimes I use these essentials and other times I don’t but it’s nice to have a touch of makeup on hand.

So ladies what beauty essentials do you take to the cottage?


  1. this is such a beautiful post! Bioderma is amazing! Have a great day. :)

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  2. Thanks for stopping by :)
    Will follow!

  3. clean and simple is a good way to go while cottage-ing. its all about being pared down and relaxed so why fuss with stuff that's not essential!
    A Beautiful Zen

  4. Ah, I haven't been up to cottage country for a while! This makes me long for it. Great beauty picks! xo


  5. I know right, usually when I go on lake or camping trips I don't bring a lot of makeup, but quick question. How good is the Bobbi Brown Corrector? I'm currently looking for a nice summer time concealer for my dark circles ^.^

    ├čerry ♥ Stylish  

  6. Oh it is soooo good!
    Just a touch of it really helps with those pesky dark circles.
    I don't go a day without it :)