Saturday, May 3, 2014

Tip #2: $2 Blotting Paper

Quick tip for you! I haven’t bought blotting paper in years, why? Because I use rolling papers.
I’m telling you one swipe with these and your oily skin will be gone.
Both blotting papers and rolling papers are both made from the similar thin material and work exactly the same way for just a fraction of the price. Granted the luxurious department stores are bigger but I for only a $2.00 I will stick to my zigzags.
So if you are ever in a pinch or just want to save money, head to your local convenient store for some $2 blotting papers. The gluey strip doesn't get stuck to your face so don't be scarred. 
I was quite reluctant to share this but my goal isn’t to be provocative.

I am here to share advice from a friend to a friend.


  1. Who knew? Thanks for the handy tip, Tanya :)


    1. no problem and thanks for stopping by!