Thursday, May 1, 2014

A Bedside Pamper

Maybe this will communicate to you how lazy I can be but my favourite things to do are watch movies in bed and pamper myself. Unfortunately these two often don’t mix well. Trust me mud masks and duvets are a bad idea, same with nail polish but that is a whole other post. So I have been on the search for non-messy, portable but effective beauty products, that make it easy to indulge in beauty while in bed. The impossible is possible so fear not! 
I always start my spa like retreat by having a clean face. However to make sure my face is really clean I always add Bioderma. If you were looking for a waterless cleanser I would highly suggest this. I like to put a drop of the Bioderma on a cotton square and press gently against my eyes area. Not only does the pressing remove makeup gently, but it also helps de puff the eye area.

Clarins Gentle Exfoliating Toner
I am not a toner kind of gal but I am an exfoliation fan. I’m telling you if you want that gorgeous luminous skin you need to slough off all that crap that is sitting on your face. Using a traditional scrub while watching a movie is impossible so a great product to use is the exfoliating toner. Unlike the traditional physical scrubs the Clarins Exfoliating toner works by a chemical exfoliation.  Basically the fruit enzymes in this eat away at your dead skin cells, leaving you with fresh luminous skin. While that sounds alarming I assure you it doesn’t burn or sting. This also contains nettle extract, which help your pores tighten up.

Avene’s Soothing Moisture Mask*
Why do all my skincare routines have feature an Avene product? Honestly, because they are no bullshit product that work even on my sensitive skin. The Soothing Moisture mask has been a go to mask for me since landing a sample last fall. This mask is a secret weapon of mine because it does just about everything.
Have a spot? This reduces redness!
Have dry skin? This helps moisturize!
Have sensitive skin? This helps sooth!
Skin looking a bit blah? This increases radiance!
What make this mask Tanya friendly is if I was to fall asleep in it or forget how long I kept it on for its fine. The Soothing Moisture mask is a cream texture that applies clear so no need to worry about getting your pillowcase or blankets dirty.

Avene’s Thermal Spring Water
To remove the mask in a pinch I mist my face with some Avene Thermal water and wipe clean with a cotton square. Not only is this a convenient way to remove a mask it just feels so darn luxurious. I’m telling you I love just spraying this on my face in general it feels so soothing!

Dior Crème De Rose
I love Reve De Miel but when I’m feeling fancy I go for my Dior Crème De Rose Aveda

Beautifying Composition Oil
If you want to relax get this oil. It smells like lavender, bergamot and rosemary. I am telling you the scent alone transports you to a Zen like meditative state. If you have ever been to an Aveda Spa/Aveda Store it very close to that.
But this oil isn’t just about scent it’s the ideal multi-tasking bedside product and can be used in the bath on the hair, face and body. Honestly people online swear that this might be the fountain of youth bottled.

So while there are great mud masks out there this is something I know I can’t use in bed. Same with anything that burns or needs my full-on attention. 


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    1. Smells lovely too :) thanks for the comment!

  2. Lovely picks! That Aveda oil sounds like such a nice treat. Have a great weekend, Tanya! xo


    1. Thank for the comment Jen.
      Hope you are having a great weekend too!

  3. What a WONDERFUL post dear Tanya!!! Your wit and humour is just so very engaging!!!! Love the Bioderma tip...I just bought a new eye make-up remover that stings my eyes like crazy...must try the Bioderma!! Take care and hope to see you soon...miss you!!

    1. Aw Beth thank you for the kind words.
      Miss you and we have to get together soon.
      Now that the weather is getting better a wine night is in need :)