Tuesday, April 29, 2014

April Favourites

I bring you a huge sigh of relief winter is officially over, the weather is getting warmer and it seems like my favourites are just brighter in general. Maybe I was lacking the vitamin d, but I am just feeling super happy. Just like always my favourites should come as no surprise. When I like something I am someone that goes on about it. Same thing when I don’t like something… I am shaking my fist at you Glam Glo! So without any further rambling here are my April Favourites.

 By Terry Blackstar
All the online hype about these as of late has rekindled my love for these. I love both shades I own but Misty Rock has been a go to this month. The metallic pink shimmer applies with ease and makes my blue eyes pop. The Blackstar Ombres are so easy, last all day and look like I made an effort when in reality I just kind of slapped on.
I apply this all over my lid and blend in the edges with a MAC 217 that’s it!

OPI Bubble Bath
These make long nails looks amazing and short nails look better too. I think what I’m trying to get to is this generally makes nails look better. This light pink gel polish honestly makes your nails look fake it’s enchanted I tell you. 

Dior Lip Glow
I have loved this product for years and I go through these like bananas. Having just cracked open a fresh tube all those positive Dior Lip Glow memories have come flooding back to me. On one hand this feels like a lip balm but with the added bonus of giving your lips a pinkly glow. Unlike tinted lip balms the color looks completely undetectable on the lips. It is the perfect purse lip companion, because you can swipe it on with ease and it goes with just about any look. 

Bio Beaute Lip Balm
Holy mother of apricot! This tastes and smells amazingThe lip balm itself is a nourishing light formula. I like that this comes in a sanitary tube too!
I just lick this off my lips half the time it tastes so darn good.


  1. Ok, I have heard so many good things about the By Terry blackstar shadows! This is definitely on my wish list. It sounds perfect :)

    xo Ashley

    1. They are very expensive but very very good!

  2. These all sound so amazing! I've been eyeing the Dior Lip Glow for what seems like an eternity haha :) xx

    A Little Treat | Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

    1. The Lip Glow is a great product!

  3. Ive been loving my Dior Lip Glow! x


    1. Glad to hear there's another fan out there!

  4. Lovely picks this month! I really need an Ombre Blackstar in my life, pronto! xo



  5. Excellent product.... I can't say enough good things about its.
    Sure I wish it didn't cost so much but well worth it.
    Thanks for stopping by!

  6. Replies
    1. Thank you for the comment! :)
      I am quite happy with Bubble Bath looks decent even when it's chipped.