Sunday, April 27, 2014

Bubble Bath

We’ve all hear about products that are your skin or lips (or anything really) but better.
But what about nails?

Truth is I never knew a product like this even existed. A nail polish that makes your natural nails look fake, takes seconds to apply and goes with any look, crazy talk? Wrong this magical unicorn nail color actually exists. 
OPI’s Bubble Bath! Yes, I am way late to join the Bubble Bath party but this is a great color. Except it’s not really a color! I would describe this as a sheer light pink that applies like a gel. Some how shade of pink whitens your nails tip and yet it the same time makes the pink part look better too. Yes, the pink part because I have no idea what that part is called. The overall look of Bubble Bath is your nail but 100 times better. 


  1. I like the idea of this nail polish. I'll have to check it out :) Thanks for sharing!

    xo Ashley

    1. No problem, thanks for leaving a comment.

  2. that's really a pretty color! love the shade on you