Saturday, April 12, 2014

Revlon Legacy Lipstick

I nerd out on collections like these! In my head these nostalgic collections make me feel like Bridget Bordeaux when I’m putting on my peach lipstick or Marilyn Monroe when I reach for my classic red. So to capture lips of the past I got two shades from the Revlon Legacy collection.

Miss Louise from is the person that led me to the purchase. After her review on Icy Violet the hunt was on. Four Shoppers Drugmart trips lead to disappointing news, this was a US item only. So off to smuggle lipstick over the boarder I went. Which isn’t what happened at all, my Mom was in the States so she was able to pick me up a couple of tubes. So much for being a bad ass!

Jungle Peach
I have to be honest in pictures this seemed pinker then I expected. As a non-nude/non pale lipstick wearer this is a step out of my comfort zone. This shade was released in 1963 and it looks it (in a good mod kind of way). The color it self reminds me of the lipstick shade Elizabeth Taylor wears in Cleopatra. While this a definite shade I don’t wear I think it will look beautiful in the summer and I can’t wait to unleash my inner Cleopatra.

Icy Violet
Plumy shades are right up my alley so I knew this was a winner before even trying it on. This actually reminds me a lot of my Guerlian Pompom Rose, the textures are deferent but more or less they are very very close. I’m not sure what classic star this reminds me of but this color is just a timeless gorgeous beauty. Again press releases suggest this is purple, I can assure you it is not. 

My advice to you lucky Americans is, pick these up before they run out. My advice to you beauty loving Canadians, is go get a tube before it’s too late. Not only is this collection fun, both lipstick right down to the formula are amazing. On a side note I would love to see more brands celebrating their history with fun collections like this.


  1. haha, yessss!!! The things we will do for makeup! But seriously, if makeup has historical significance I will be alllll over it!

    1. Its like a history lesson within every application.
      Thanks for the comment and the recommendation!