Thursday, April 10, 2014

Morning Skincare Routine

At night I take my time going through my skincare routine. But in the mornings I am a sucker for sleeping in, even if it’s for 5 minutes. So needless to say my mornings are rushed, very rushed.  To make the process quicker I keep my morning routine right down to the essentials.
I do quite an extensive makeup removal process at night so it’s very rare for me to wake up with makeup still on my face. Nonetheless I still wash my face in the morning by splashing cold water on my skin followedby Bioderma on a cotton pad. Not only is this duo effective but I find it very uplifting too!

 I don’t skip out on serum, the one I am using and almost finished is the NUXE Merveillance Serum. I like that this has hyaluronic acid in which helps my dry skin retain moisture. However what really makes this a sunrise winner is how fast it absorbs combined with you can use this around the eye area too. Which essentially makes this a two in one product.

At night I target different areas on my skin but in the morning who has time for that?
Well I’m sure someone does. For years I looked for something that hydrates my skin but also calms my eczema. The problem I encountered was some moisturizers were too greasy while others didn’t calm my irritated skin. Avene’s Skin Recovery Cream* meets my exact criteria. Its super moisturizing, calms my sensitivity yet isn’t greasy. It’s unique sterile packaging is so cool it makes me wonder why more brands don’t have similar packaging. It’s a treatment and moisturizer all in one I love it!

That’s it that’s all, the combination of using the three products keeps my skin hydrated, soothed, prepped for my foundation and only takes a minute. 


  1. I love Bioderma! Great post.

  2. Simple and effective! Nice picks :)