Sunday, April 13, 2014

Non-Beauty, But just as Essential

I feel like months after months I have been I have been rambling on about beauty.
Don’t get me wrong this is a beauty blog and that is what I intend to do. But let’s get up close and personal today, these are my non-beauty essentials.

I can’t start the day without a coffee. Well I can but trust me you wouldn’t want me to.
After years of drinking my coffee black with four sugars, I have recently put on my adulthood pants and converted to black 2 sugars. 
I love lattes too but I try to avoid getting these too much, Cinnamon Dolce with extra whip isn’t good for the waistline.

I love candles its true. My favorite has to be Bath and Body Works Leaves followed by Marshmallow Fireside. I also love Voluspa Candles when I feel fancy; there French Vanilla Bourbon is absolutely divine. 
I usually shy away from fruity candles and overly flowery ones. 

I can’t even communicate how often I use a throw. I keep one on my bed, office, living room, heck I even keep one at my desk at work. Even in the summer I use a throw! There’s something comforting about covering your legs with a soft blanket. I have no idea is this behavior odd? Any other throw/blanket lovers out there?
They always have great throws at Homesense and Chapters just an FYI for you Canadian girls.


My closet consists of 4 colors (‘shades’) black, white, grey and sometimes blue. I love to wear scarves because they can add just the right pop of color to my monochromatic look; in addition they bring some pattern into my pattern-less wardrobe.  Plus I get cold so more often than not they have the wonderful bonus of keeping me warm. 

What are you non-beauty essentials? 

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