Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Tanya’s Beauty Rules

I am not a professional, a rule maker or any type of authority on makeup. But no matter which way you slice the cake there are certain beauty rules even a badass beauty blogger like myself follows. I am really not badass and on a side note I need to stop calling myself that.

Buy what works.
If the moisturizer that works best for your skin is $10 stick with it. As long as it works for you that is all that matters. I can't tell you how many times I have looked for dupes and spent more money then how much the actual product costs.

Experiment with all brands at all price points
There is nothing worse then being a Sephora snob because there are great beauty products at every price point. Some of my favorite products come from the drug store brands. Likewise there are excellent high end products too. I think it’s important to be open to all brands.

Skin should look like skin
Foundation shouldn’t look like plaster nor should it look cakey. I am fond of skin that looks very natural and only use a sheer wash of foundation to even out my skin tone. As for spots I conceal them but most times I just leave them alone. After all ladies we are human and yes we get pimples.

Good skincare come from consistency
Good skincare is kind of like dieting you can’t change everything in one week let alone over night. Great looking skin comes with time, patience and consistency. On average it takes 4 weeks to see how your skin reacts to one product alone. If you always switching products up there is no way to tell what’s truly working! If you don’t have a consistent skincare routine you can start off with something as simple as washing your face and adding moisturizer twice a day. 

Less is more
Personally, I don’t do a loud lip, a sultry eye and a dramatic contour all at the same time. Yes, there are people that rock this look and do it well, myself however not so much.
When applying my makeup I try to keep things simple by focusing on only one feature.  I try to capture that Parisian chic philosophy of looking effortlessly pulled together.

Don’t touch your face
When I was in high school I had acne alone my jaw line and chin. Why you ask? Because I use to always touch my face. You have so many dirt and bacteria on your hands that the moment I stopped touching my face I noticed my spots clearing up. Even now I sometimes notice a spot and I can blame myself for resting my chin on my hand at work.

Hopefully some of you found this helpful!

What are some of your beauty rules leave a comment below.


  1. These are good tips! I think eating right and keeping hydrated is key as well to having good skin.

    1. I agree 100% thanks for the comment :)

  2. Thank you for the rules! Most of them I already knew but your explanation makes it more fun to read them! You have a lovely blog!
    Would you mind checking out my blog?

    1. Thanks for the lovely comment!
      I would love to check out your blog :)

  3. Lots of spot-on tips! I agree with the importance of consistency and buying what works, regardless of a high or low price tag! :)



    1. Jen I've wasted so much money trying to find drugstore alternatives.
      Mean while I could have just bought the product I wanted in the first place.
      Thanks for checking out my post!

  4. lovely post! I agreed with you about being open to all brands, they are some great drug store products! xx

    1. thanks for the comment.
      I am a shopping slut I will just about try anything from anywhere.