Tuesday, April 22, 2014

By Terry Ombre Blackstar

People claim to be able to sleep in this pencil eye shadow and wake up with perfect smoky eyes. Generally the buzz seems to be that this is the next must have Holy Grail product.  So I thought I would throw in my 2 cents into the conversation.

My first encounter with these was just after I finished college and landed my first ‘real’ job. My story is simple ladies, I swatched, they looked pretty so I bought.  At about $50 a pop I would have been less likely to do so today. So 5 years later I still have these in my collection which one could look at this be a serious hoarding problem or a testament to quality.

First off I would never suggest you sleep in your makeup but if you must this is the thing to use. I have these in two colours Bronze Moon and Misty Rock each shade is truly a breathtaking shimmery metallic.  By Terry really has there formula spot on these yes they are blendable.  However they are the longest wearing eye product I’ve encountered to date and so they should be at $50.00.  

The packaging… is okay. I say okay because while my By Terry Ombre’s have not dried out the packaging is rather busted. On both pencils the glue in the metal container has given out leaving me with two black plastic less fancier looking pencils. I wouldn’t have even said anything but considering this happened to me a month or so after purchasing them I thought I would point that out. Sorry to be a downer.
Should you buy into the hype? Personally these last longer than any other eye product I’ve ever tired. In addition with a single swipe and a quick blend I have an eye shadow look that looks like I’ve put time into. While the packaging might be dodgy the bottom line is 5 years into these they still perform just as beautifully as they day I bought them.The By Terry Blackstar’s are everything a $50 eye makeup product should be, totally worth it.


  1. Replies
    1. They are really good.
      Definitely worth the steep price tag.

  2. Really want to try these x


  3. Glad these lived up to the hype, despite of the packaging. These are so on my wishlist! xo