Tuesday, March 11, 2014

The Very Unexpected Haul

I had no intention to shop this weekend. Isn’t that how the story always starts?
But one for one reason or another I ended up with unexpected purchases so I thought why not share? 
I went to the mall to go exchange a shirt. Somehow I ended up in The Body Shop, crazy how that happens! I have heard various reviews on the Honeymania line so I thought I would dabble into this collection by picking up a shower gel. I hoped this would smell like Lush’s Honey I Washed the Kids soap, it doesn’t. Instead it’s a flowery sort of scent with an undertone of sweetness. I will have to report back to you on this product, because while I love The Body Shops shower gels, I’m not 100% sold on the scent.
More on this to come!

Jay went to Future Shop this weekend, and some how I ended up in Ardene’s. 
If you have no idea what Ardene’s is, it’s a Canadian company that basically sells inexpensive accessories, shoes and clothes. While the prices are easy on the pocket the quality can very. With that being said there scarves are always a must for me There 2 for $15 dollar deal always makes it a great way to switch up things season to season.
While I habitually wear black day to day, I thought this pink bird scarf would be fun for the upcoming season.
I personally don’t particularly like pink, but I thought the geometric bird design made it very chic for the upcoming season.

The final stop this weekend was Shoppers Drugmart.
A staple to every Canadian Beauty junkie!
With out even blinking I went right to the Clarins display to check out the Lip Perfecter’s. Last summer I finished up the tube of this and I had been missing it ever since.
So I thought the perfect pairing to my new pink scarf would be the very pink 01.
Don’t be alarmed all of these are very sheer creamy balms. They give a non-obvious tint of color to the lips as opposed to their close cousin the tinted lip balm.

Finally best for last Reve De Meil hand cream by NUXE was something my Mom picked up for me this weekend. I have to say I am most excited to try this. I wont go on to this because I feel it deserves a post all of it’s own.

Who knew my favorite lip balm makes a matching hand cream?
My embarrassing enthusiasm for NUXE lead me with a sample of there Mirceller water… Is it better then the famous Bioderma, I will report back!
Feel free to leave me a comment; I would love to know what you’ve been hauling lately!

Like always ladies, thanks for reading! 


  1. Haha, unexpected hauls happen to me all the time! I have this shower gel at the moment and am really liking it! :)



    1. LOL unexpected hauls are always the best hauls!

  2. Unexpected hauls happen to me ALL the time but its usually makeup, shoes or clothes! Your post makes we wanna go buy more skincare stuff now lol
    Have you tried Murad? I've had my eye on their products for quite some time now and I'd love to hear about it from someone who has tried something of their's :)


    1. Way back when I used there products for oily skin.
      It worked miracles on my skin then,
      I would be curious to see how there line for sensitive skin would work on me now.
      Thanks for the comment, I will look into it.

  3. love to hear more about that gloss! It looks lovely! :) Most of my hauls are unexpected too....all it takes is a sale and there goes my pay check!


  4. ups! unexpected hauls are a danger! I always end up buying things whenever I'm near boots hehehe :)

    1. LOL they are danger, but for some reason I always pick out the best things when I'm on the go!