Sunday, March 9, 2014

Philosophy, Purity and Tiffany?

Going back almost three years I landed a job working for the newish brand in Canada Philosophy. When it came time to meet my sales rep I was surprised to find a fun, encouraging lady with a kick ass personality, named Tiffany. While she was fun and entertaining but I have to say she went on about Purity making claims of it being the ‘holy grail’ cleanser.
She professed its miraculous capabilities as being able to, cleanse the skin, take of makeup, and tone the face all while giving it moisture.
There’s more!
 She also went on that it was great to use wet or dry, a great clarifying shampoo, an excellent product to shave you legs with and an effective makeup brush cleaner. Which was all wrapped up in a $27 bottle that is great for any skin type, contains 12 essential oils and lacks harsh chemicals.
Crazy right? 
I use the original formula of this, which is cross between a cream and a gel texture. First off you are hit with the lovely spa like fragrance of Purity, which I would describe as herb-illy but still very much fresh. I like to message this into moist skin and focus extra attention to my eyes. I have sensitive eyes and I have not had a problem using this before. This lathers into a creamy foam consistency, which doesn’t leave the skin feeling stripped.
I hate that feeling on a side note!
Like any cleanser I wash it off with water and I’m ready for the next step in my beauty routine.
I am not being paid to say this…
and I do no work for Philosophy…
On my stent with the NUXE Cleanser I have come to realize how much I love and miss Purity. Purity is a do all product that manages to be both extremely effective and very gentle.  

So Tiffany wherever you are, thank you for the introduction to such a kick ass product, you are absolutely right this is a Holy Grail cleanser.

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