Saturday, March 8, 2014

Stormy Nails

Nail polish can be such a seasonal thing, think about it Christmas ‘tis’ the time for reds, while the summer is a perfect time to rock your favourite turquoise. When the snow starts the to melt and the spring ran comes in I love wearing grey nail polish. The storms, the mud and even those cloudy foggy days make it the perfect color for early spring.

Butter London Billy No Mates
There is no surprise this nail polish made it to the list. The consistency, application and longevity are amazing.  This color may not look spectacular in the bottle but trust me this color does not disappoint. This particular shade of grey verges on being almost blue in some lights. While in other lightening it looks like a creamy grey. So while this looks simple it’s actually very complex.

Essie Chincilly
Another amazing grey cross over, this time verging on a taupey purple.
This is the kind of grey that reminds me of foggy city nights.
Yes, that was a random visual but I just had to get that

out there.
Chincilly is a very popular shade from Essie and has to be one of my favorites too! If you have this in your collection, or if you can borrow it from a friend please due.

NARS Galion
NARS Galion applies opaque in almost one coat and stays on your nails for days.
I only have a couple of NARS polishes but this hands down has to be my favorite out of the bunch.
This is kind of grey, sort of black but maybe blue colored, but doesn’t look black?
I will leave you with this it looks like the sky in a thunderstorm!

So ladies lets welcome the upcoming rainstorms, snowstorms or what ever mother nature throws at us with grey polished nails.  

 I promise you, you can’t go wrong with a grey on a stormy day.


  1. when we transition into spring, I would always jump into the bright colors...I never thought of wearing grey but wow, those shades are STUNNING! I especially love the look of the NARS and Essie polishes :)

    1. Truthfully I love grey's all year but they just compliment the winter melt and storm season so nicely!
      I feel like I've turned into a weather girl as of late!
      Thanks for the comment.

  2. So pretty! Love these tones of nail polish. Essie Chinchilly is on my wishlist for sure! xo


  3. They look lovely! 'Billy No Mates' is so pretty! xx