Thursday, March 6, 2014

Girl Meets Pearl Review

 I’m what I call a marketers fantasy, my brain literally works in a primitive ‘ I see shiny, I see cute, I must buy’. 
Out of all the companies Benefit takes the cuteness cake.
 Their products are always so catching, pretty and must of all charming.
So when I saw the pink metallic tube with the cartoon skyline and the shiny little moon I was sold, regardless of my obsession with highlighters.
Girl Meets Pearl is a pink highlighter with a golden pearl. While it looks fairly goopy don’t be alarmed its not.  This highlighter is thin and almost feels water like on the skin. Which I have to say I really like because it blends effortlessly into bare skin but nicely into foundation too.
I won’t lie but I honestly thought this color would be a sparkly pink with golden crazy shimmer. The kind of product you can only wear at new years.
It’s not!
 The color is quite natural and when it catches the sun it looks like a subtle golden glow.
 It’s absolutely stunning!
But what knocked my socks off was the list of amazing ingredients in the like chamomile, which helps sooth skin and sesame oil which helps hydrate.

If you’re by a Benefit counter I suggest you swatch this because this product is stunning.


  1. Ooh, pretty! I have a mini-sized BeneFit Watt's Up highlighter and have been loving it. This one looks great too! xo


    1. I can't wait to try that in Sephora's birthday gift thing this year.

  2. Nice! I haven't tried much from Benefit, but their packaging is adorable! I do have a thing for highlighters! I'll have to check this one out! :)

    1. Its surprisingly so wearable its perfect for everyday!

  3. I really need to get my hands on some benefit highlighters because they just look stunning! I really like that shade! I've played around with this product at sephora and I was surprised at how subtle and light it was, but still managed to highlight beautifully!

  4. I know I was shocked!
    I saw the packaging and automatically assumed that it would look crazy.
    It's so glowy and sheer!!!

  5. oh just the packaging itself looks so cute!! ^^