Tuesday, March 4, 2014

The Seasonal Switch Up

Yes, there is still snow out side and it is still cold, but I’m over winter. So what better way to celebrate my delusions of spring then switching out my makeup bag? Because the warm weather is coming just you wait! 
Good Bye Reds… is all pink this spring.

Givenchy Poetic Iris
Its one of those products that I’ve loved, I’ve saved and soon I will have to throw out!
This pretty neutral pink is perfect for any makeup look. This particular formula is moisturizing and surprisingly long wearing.
From what I remember these have the tendency to open unexpectedly in your purse. So a make up bag is required for this lipstick.

Chanel Rouge Coco Shine in Adventure
I talk about this darn thing all the time. Jen from vibrantbeautyblog.blogspot.ca gave me the genus idea of keeping this at my desk. Which is a great idea because I use lip products like crazy at work.
Rouge Coco Shines have to be one of my favorite lipstick formulas ever. They are easy to apply, add a touch of color and feel like a lip balm. Where do you go wrong?

L’Oreal Wet Shine Stain in Rose On and On
This is like a pigmented longwearing lip-gloss that stains. For lip gloss haters you might really like this because its more stain then gloss and not tacky at all too. I have another coral shade, which I can’t wait to wear in the summer too!

La Petite Robe Noir
This smells to good and looks too cute to stash in my makeup drawer. This smells like almonds, berries and black tea. It’s a perfect balance up between sweet, spicy and dark. And… the packaging is too cute, how do you go wrong?

Chanel Aragonite
I always like to keep a clear gloss with me because they are simply handy to have and the easiest product to apply. Chanel’s Aragonite has to be my all time favorite and a nice switch up from the NARS one I have been carrying all winter.
Yes, I guess its technically still winter but lets not go there.

Nail Files
I don’t need any introduction to this product. Like everyone my nails break from time to time so I like to keep these close by.

MAC Venus
Yes, another pink surprise surprise!
But in all fairness this is my favorite pink out of the whole lot.
I have been using this lipstick so sparingly but I’ve turned a new leaf. I plan on finishing this bad boy regardless of my urge to hoard this beautiful limited edition color.
I always run into this with MAC lipsticks I fall in love with a color only to realize it was limited edition. Anyone else?

I think is safe to say that pink is my pop of color this spring.
Okay upcoming spring!
But you know what they say, cheerful thinking makes the tulips pop!
I just made that up but you can quote me on that if you like.

And on that horrible joke I would like to thank you all for making it this far!



  1. I've been switching to Springy colours lately too- best way to protest a long, ridiculous Winter :) Great picks! xo



    1. I just read in southern ontario we have had the worst winter in 50 years.
      So sad, but at least we have the bright colours of spring to cheer us up!
      Thanks for the comment Jen!

  2. the same thing happens to me, Mac and their limited edition stuff! hehehe! love your selections! xx

  3. Gorgeous selection of pinks! I am falling in loooove with the chanel lipstick and the l'oreal gloss!