Sunday, March 2, 2014

Beauty Sweeties

This is going to be a random post but it was too yummy and thoughtful to pass up.
My obsession with beauty has reached international status.
I know this because my family from Germany has sent me ‘Beauty Sweeties’ to try.
Beauty Sweeties are healthy candy alternatives that have beautifying ingredients inside. Not only do these contain Q10, Aloe and other amazing ingredients, but also they taste absolutely wonderful too.
My favorites are the jelly hearts and the yogurt eggs. The jelly hearts I mean where to do you go wrong? They look cute, have good ingredients and taste like chewy berry sweetness. The yogurt eggs in Pomegranate Raspberry are on a whole different level.
They taste like a white chocolate and raspberry, which happens to be one of my favorite food combinations ever.
Not only did I almost finish a bag of these in 30 minutes, but I’ve also hidden a couple of these in my purse for a sweet treat tomorrow morning.
Now my family knows not only am I obsessed with makeup but I have a candy problem too!
A big Hello and a huge thanks to my family in Germany!
My only dilemma is where do I get these in Canada?

Thank you for reading and hope you are all enjoying a great night!


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  1. Hi Tanya,
    This is a great article. These are great products and as you said above, taste amazing!
    I work for the distributor for Canada and wanted to share with you where you can find these. They will be available at Longos locations in the next week or so until the end of April. They will also be available at Sobeys, not sure of timing so keep an eye out. If you would like more information you can email me at