Thursday, March 13, 2014

3 Beauty Things I didn’t do 10 Year Ago

Yes, my closet still consists of mostly black and yes, I still love makeup, and I still feel like that out-going dorky high school-er. However, I can’t shake the feeling that things have changed, like being more of a homebody, water retention (yes this is very much a real thing) and naturally, makeup. So I thought I would gather some beautifying things that have changed over the past few years.

I use to rock Smokey green eyes, sparkly baby blues and neon pinks. In fact my first two colors I ever bought from MAC were Swish and Aquadisiac. These days I only wear neutrals. Not only are they more appropriate for everyday life but I feel confident wearing them too.
Urban Decays Naked pallet is literally my security blanket. Every single shade from this pallet is wearable, bendable and pigmented. I’m sure most of you have this by now, but if you don’t I highly recommend it.

Body Lotion
As you probably may know I have dry eczema prone skin. For years and years and year I wore body lotions with tons of perfume in alcohol in them
. Yes they smelt nice but in return I was left with dry, itchy, irritated skin.
Now days I like to use the Avene Xera Calm Balm, not only is this rich enough to moisturize my dry skin for hours but it also stops the itch. That sounds gross but there’s no cute way to say it. The French know their skincare/body care! You might think this would be really greasy but assure you it’s not at all.
If I want something with a scent I like to use the Body Shop Shea Butter. Yes, this one leaves a residue but I just love the scent and overall hydration.

I am so guilty of this but … I use to fall asleep with a full face of makeup on.

I couldn’t even imagine falling asleep without washing my face now. Over the years I have used drug store cleansers, high-end cleansers, cleansing oils, lush’s weird mud concoction and coconut oil. Each has their benefits, but I am personally parietal to Philosophy’s Purity cleanser, because of so many reasons. If you just read my post on this I won’t repeat the 101 reasons but if you haven’t click here to find out more information. But above anything I will take any cleanser anyway before I hop into bed with makeup on.

How can I use to fall asleep with makeup on completely escapes me. 
Mind you so does hydration with non-hydraitng products and how I wore cotton candy eye shadow colours day to day. 
So while I am the same girl I can't help it things have changed!

I would love to hear what have you changed in your routine so please leave a comment below!


  1. Fun post! I was the same- never wore neutrals in high school! Playing with colours is still fun, but neutrals are my go-to :)


    1. Playing with colours is still fun I have to admit!
      Thank you for the lovely comment!