Thursday, March 20, 2014

Putting it On

At age 10 I found a sample of foundation in my mom’s purse. Like any aspiring beauty junkie in took the opportunity to slather is on ASAP. Unfortunately for my Mom this happened to be in the back of her car.
And unfortunately for me I had no idea what I was doing, or the amount of trouble I was about to get into.
Today you would be happy to hear I have grown up from the days of stealing foundation from my mom and turned a new leaf. In fact I really like putting on makeup just as much as taking it all off.
So here are some of my essentials to putting it all on!

Sonia Kashuk Dou Fiber Kabuki Brush
  This was one of those ‘love at first sight’ brushes. This dense duo fiber brush is great at blending in foundation when in a rush. It’s like a hybrid of the Smashbox Kabuki, the Real Techniques Buffing Brush, and a regular duo fiber brush. The synthetic fibers not only make it easy to clean but it doesn’t eat your foundation either.
Ever have that? Your brush consumes more foundation then what actually goes on to your face.
I love this brush and can’t recommend it enough.

So while I don’t slap on foundation like I use to I still find it useful to use my fingers. The combination of getting product of exactly where you need it and the natural heat of your hands make fingers the perfect tool for concealer. 
Another great use for fingers is for cream eye shadows.

Eye Shadow Domed Blender Brush
My easy eye is a cream natural eye shadow with a quick defined crease. There’s not better brush to define you crease then the classic blending brush. The big dome applies a sheer wash of color to the crease making it a perfect partner to achieve a quick polished look.

There is more to this oversized blending brush is more than subtle definer its also a great tool to tone down makeup looks, essential to blur our harsh eye shadow edges and its also great at adding a highlight color the cheeks.
The one I have been using for years now is the Sigma blending brush, but MAC also does one that is very similar.

It never fails it’s the days I wake up 30 min late that I always mess up my mascara. Which is kind of like the days I wear a dark lip shade that I always get it smudged on my face.
For these mishaps I always have Q-tips around when I am applying my makeup. Most of the time I use them to remove make up mistakes but there also great at smudging liner too!

I have to do an honourable mention to the  MAC 217 brush kicking around my vanity and a handy blush brush too! While I might skip out on my 217 some mornings there isn’t a day that goes by where I can go without on the 4 listed above.

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