Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Bio Beauty Miceller Cleansing Water

There’s no hiding it I love NUXE. So when I saw the Bio Beauty stands popping up at my local Shoppers I was intrigued. So like the curious cat I am I hit the Internet and did some research. Bio Beauty is a brand that prides itself on using mostly organic ingredients. Unlike their big botanical sister NUXE, Bio Beauty is based around fruit. In addition prices from the entire line range from the $15.00 to $35.00 mark.

Miceller water’s are makeup removers, which have tiny partials of oil in them. While this idea seems greasy it’s not. They are meant to feel gentle as water but effective at removing makeup. The product that comes to everyone head is famous B

ioderma Crealine. Which I have to say is my personal is my favorite!

So how does the Bio Beauty compare?
Honestly, it doesn’t.
Sorry a lot of built up there but it doesn’t compare to other offerings on the market.
Yes, it’s mild on sensitive eyes but its makeup removal properties are just lackluster.
In fact I just breezed though this generous sized sample in days.
Between you and I would recommend you spend the extra five dollars and get the original Bioderma, I just find it on a whole way more effective.
And on the other hand if you were looking for something just for the eyes the Klorane Eye Make-Up Remover* is an excellent choice too! Just like the Bioderma it feels mild.

 So yes it was fun to try something new, but it’s also fun coming home to my Bioderma, Klorane dream team.

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