Saturday, March 22, 2014

Klorane Hair Care

I have a secret passion for French pharmacy brands.
Passion is being really polite because it’s more of an obsession at this point.
Blog after blog I kept hearing about the famous Klorane. A brand with rich botanical history and a solid line up of products designed for every hair concern.

With really cute clean packaging too!

Hair … this might not be something you hear me talk about often.
The reason being is I have to be the laziest person when it comes to hairstyles.
I don’t color it, I rarely cut it and I don’t like using a lot of product on it ether.
What I do is rely on is great products that work and that are most of all super simple.
So when I was offered to try some products from the shine inducing Magnolia line it peaked my interest for three reasons
1.     The love of French pharmacy products
2.     The solid list of ingredients that’s in each and every one of there products
3.     There dry shampoo is a great product that very user friendly yet effective.
I am rambling…

Klorane Magnolia Shampoo* is a shampoo for those in search of maximum shine. What I really like about this is it gives great shine but doesn’t make my hair look greasy at all. The scent is a light floral that is very pleasant. Would I repurchase this yes, what I really like about Klorane product’s is they are easy to find and at my local drug store they go on sale often too. More on that later!

The Klorane Magnolia Conditioner* it was okay. Personally I love those conditioners that leave you hair almost slick feeling. This didn’t do that in fact I would say this is more of a cleansing consistency. As for the scent, it was okay. This didn’t leave my hair tangled in any sort of way but it just wasn’t what I was use to. Would I purchase again, honestly no this product just didn’t work for me.

I love leave in conditioner, because I have long hair it is a must if I plan on combing it after I shower. The problem with some leave in conditioners is they can leave your hair greasy or very flat. The Magnolia Brilliance spray* is definitely the star of the show.  It’s non-greasy, smells great, leaves my hair shiny and easy to comb through. Would I buy it? Absolutely!
In fact I saw it on sale at the drug store and couldn’t imagine going without it so I bought it right then and there.

Overall I have really liked what I’ve tried from Klorane. I like that this is a brand I can find easily, has great ingredients and is a good price point too. I would say the star of the Magnolia line is the leave in spray. Feel free to leave me a comment and let me know what are some of your favorite hair care products are.
Thanks for reading,

*this post contains pr samples


  1. Great roundup! I definitely need more Klorane in my life- have heard great things about their dry shampoo and have been waiting for it to go on sale at Shoppers :) I'm currently using their Date shampoo and it's super hydrating! xo


    1. Jen there dry shampoo is freaken amazing.
      Lets hope theres a 20x the points sometime soon, because this girl just ran out!

  2. I've heard lots about Klorane and I'm yet to try. This sounds lovely though I have tone careful what I use as my hair gets weighed down at to easily this sounds lovely though great review x

  3. Thanks for the comment! :)
    There dry shampoo and leave in spray have to be my hands down faves.