Thursday, February 13, 2014

Hill Top Essentials

This weekend I am going to Quebec with Jay. As this might sound like a romantic holiday, be assured that it not. Accompanied with 6 of his friends, we are hitting the slopes. So what does a beauty addict bring on a trip that consists of beer, 7 dudes and snowboarding, well keep reading to find out.

My every day essential! For this trip in particular I want to bring something low coverage and easy to use as possible, which leaves me with my new purchase L’Oreal CC eye concealer. While the coverage is sheer it actually does a good job and brightening the under eye area. I’ve only had this for a couple of weeks, but so far is a nice bendable, brightening, semi-transparent concealer.

Shadow Pencils
While I don’t think I will be getting use out of this over the weekend, its nice to bring just incase. I might want to look sultry on my snowboard? Options are good right?
Shadow pencils are great to pack because they are slim, light, and very travel friendly. The one I am packing along with me is the By Terry Blackstar in Bronze Moon. By far this is the longest wearing cream eye shadow product I’ve encountered. This is the kind of product that makes me wonder why I own ay other eye products. Yes, these are a pain in the butt to locate in Canada but if you can find them they are well worth the money.

Just because I’m going to be wearing goggles does not mean I can’t have great lashes, right? This product needs to introduction or explanation because I’ve you’ve read my blog you will know I talk about this every other week. Essence Extreme Crazy Volume will be coming along for the ride!

When my mom told me to pack an SPF with me on my first snowboarding trip I thought she was crazy. Logic tells us hot weather = sun burns, right? Wrong! When you come of the hill with goggle burn lines across your face be assured it’s not a cute look. I’m talking from personal experience! I am bringing my favorite sunscreen La Vanilla Baby Block. Not only is this a very effective SPF 40 sun block, but it’s also great for people with sensitive skin issues.

Heavy Duty Lip Balm
Last but maybe most important lip balm. Cracked chapped lips are hell! So while there are 100’s of cute options to bring with you I like to bring my heavy duty Cold Cream Lip Balm. Not only is this intensely hydrating the large tube makes for easy application even with bulky gloves. Because it’s also sheer it’s very scarf friendly too!

Well ladies I'm off to the slopes. 
I hope your all enjoying your week and hope you have a great weekend. 

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