Saturday, February 15, 2014

Bath and Body Care For Achy Bodies

  I am not an athlete to say the least by my third day of snowboarding I am feeling sore. Extremely store! So like any beauty junkie I’ve hit my stash and in search of a cocktail of appealing remedies to use. 

I have such a love for body oils. While I love them for there pretty scents combined with their ultra moisturizing properties, I sometimes almost forget that they’re meant for messages. The first thing in my bag for this weekend was the Aveda Active Oil. The Aveda Active oil smells like sweet mint, moisturizes like nobody’s business and is great for sore muscles. I must admit I have been using this ‘active’ oil for my very inactive life, but this does a great job at soothing muscles. 
*Tip on message, start off by lightly messaging legs and arms then gradually apply pressure. I am no expert but I read this online so I thought I would pass it along!

There are bath salts, bombs, floating islands, melts, bubbles, oils, and so much more. If you are in pain, get in a tub bottom line! The heat helps with circulation, which helps reduce muscle pain. I’m no doctor and can’t give medical advice but this works! To make my bath experience a little more luxurious I added some Eco Pure bath salts to the tub and enjoyed. I like this bath salt because it smells like almonds and leaves your skin buttery.

Okay so my face has been completely exposed to the elements for 3 days now! I must say my dry skin has had a nice break from the constant heat. On the other hand throwing yourself against cold winds isn’t exactly gentle either. I have been using the Avene’s Soothing Moisture Mask as an emergency product for months now. While I have been using this sample sparingly I think its time to invest in the real thing. The Soothing Moisture Mask is a perfect product for irritated, red and even sun burnt skin. What I like most about it you can fall asleep with it on and wake up the next day with glowy healthy skin.
Yes you heard that right… you can sleep with it on.
This mask saved my butt from a skincare catastrophe last fall so I’m confident in its soothing abilities. Remove this mask with the Avene’s thermal water … instant spa!

Ice Bath
I read online that ice baths are essential. While I don’t deny there muscle repairing abilities I will leave this one up to you. Unwinding in an ice bath after being in the frigid cold does not seem like my cup of tea.
Which reminds me a cup of tea is just a nice touch to any Saturday evening!
And on that note I will wish you all a happy Sunday.
To my friends in Canada and US I hope your having a great long weekend!
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