Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The NARS Narsissist Palette

Did I need it? No, but did I want it? Absolutely! I’m such a sucker for neutral pallets, but when I passed up the Naked 3 for something “better” I knew that this pallet was the one.
First off I love NARS eye shadows, not only are they usually pigmented, but they blend incredibly well.

As for this pallet there is a great mix of matte colors, shimmery glitters, and metallic sheens. While the lighter colors are on the powdery side the darks are highly pigmented and smooth. 
I love wearing matte colors may I add just randomly to this little rant!

So enough with the chit-chat and on the question everyone wants to know. Is it worth it?
The pallet is almost $90.00 Canadian, so yes it’s more then the Urban Decay pallet. The pans are a bit small; to be honest these shadows were kind of hard to swatch.
Some of the lighter colors are kind of chalky, its true.
But some how NARS you have done it!
This has every possibly eye shadow I could ever want, smoky blues to a coppery bronze and everything in-between. It’s an extremely smart pallet, easy to travel with and for the most part extremely pigmented. This is the kind of pallet I can’t wait to use every morning and the kind of pallet that makes me excited about playing with makeup.

So yes, ladies this pallet is worth it!


  1. I just got this palette recently but have yet to try it. I'm really excited for it, I only have a few other NARS shadows (I tend to gravitate more towards their blush).

  2. ooo so pretty! The more posts I read, the more I want it! :) haha, but I own SOOO many shadows it's a bit ri-donk-ulous!
    Great post!


    1. Ahahaha sorry for the added temptation!

  3. Glad you're loving this! It's definitely tempting me :)



  4. lol sorry! It's to get you back from all the lovely makeup purchases you have been doing as of late! ;)

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