Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Faking Radiant Glowy Skin

She is twirling outside while large beautiful snowflakes touch her dewy cheeks. She looks cute and luminous and perfect for a scenic snowy day. Mean while in normal girl land, it’s more like a wintery mess.
 I have to admit it I am not a snow angel. Between my eczema breakouts and constant dry skin I don’t glow in the cold, I crack. But ladies and gentleman don’t let that put a stop to your wind there’s help. So get your snow bunny outfits on, these are my 3 cheats to faking glowy skin.

Moisturizing Primer
Primers don’t just prolong your foundation; they can also moisturize and give luminosity to the skin. For those of us who are not blessed with the glow the first step is adding a primer that does. My long time favorite has been the Makeup Forever HD Primer in 0. This is one of those miracle products that hold your foundation together but still gives you that glow. The best part is this product has no shimmer or glitter so it looks very natural/convincing.

Luminous Setting Powder
Ditch your mattifying powder if you want luminous skin. Instead try something with some light reflecting properties. The hardest part is finding a powder that catches light but doesn’t give you a disco ball look. A favorite of mine is the Guerlain Metorites, they give your skin a glow but without any detectable shimmer. I’m telling you this product is magic and essential to bringing out your inner snow goddess.

Make Up Mists
Nothing looks more beautiful then dewy skin and there’s no better way to get it then a facial mist. Not only is this the most natural way to get your glow on but they typically have great skincare benefits too. I’m a huge fan of the Avene thermal waters, which come in big and travel friendly purse sizes. With that being said I’m using my Dermaglow facial mist at the moment. I have to say this spray is more luxurious, but both get the job done.

I know these products help my skin not only retain moisture but also give me an incredible glow. Again there are tons of different variations of all three products and at every price point. So this winter get your dancing boots on and be the snow angel you really are.


  1. Great tips! I love Make Up Mists. xx Rena Kiss and Make Up

  2. Great tips! I really need to pick up some Meteorites sometime soon! xo



  3. I love the Meteorites by Guerlain =)