Thursday, December 26, 2013

The Perfect Pallet Tag

I love reading these tags online so I thought I would participate.

Best Packaging
Inglot pallets hands down. The magnetic closure and hard plastic makes these durable and extremely travel friendly. The actual shadows inside don’t budge so you don’t have to worry about them falling out. In addition I like the black with frosted white top its very modern yet functional.

Best Color Pay Off
Urban Decay Anniversary Pallet! Every shade in the pallet is an amazing standalone vibrant color.

Most Versatile
I would have to say that my Urban Decay pallet is the most versatile because it has a wide variety of shades.  You can crease a soft subtle look to the darkest sexy smoky eye looks.

Best Traveling
Bobbi Brown Party Eye Pallet because it contains six beautiful neutral shades and it’s small thin durable packaging is perfect to fit in even the smallest makeup bag. 

Biggest Regret
MAC Hello Kitty pallet I originally bought because it was cute. I have to be honest with you the quality of eye shadow is horrible. All four shades lack pigmentation also the packaging feels cheap, unquestionably was not worth the money.

Best Color Names
Dior Earth Reflection
5 shimmery neutrals all creamy and richly pigmented in combination with a name like Earth Reflection just sounds magical!

Least Used
Shiseido Eye Pallet, in, I have no idea what color! Every time I look at this I promise myself I’m going to use it, however for one reason or another I never have.
Each shades is pigmented I like I just have no idea why I don’t bother using this?

Most Loved
Two Faced Man Eater Pallet it’s so loved that I’ve used it all. This pallet was one of my first makeup purchases and contained a selection of beautiful neutral eye shadows, lip-glosses and a breath-taking blush. So gorgeous breaks my heart it’s gone thou!

Dessert Island
My custom MAC pallet is by far my desert island pallet. It has not only my favorite MAC shades but also my favorite Urban Decay shadows too! I also like the mix of naturals and with some colorful shades too. I also have a ton of matte shades in here, which I like too!

Well that completes my Perfect Pallet Tag; feel free to join in on the tag. Let me know what some of your favorite pallets are in the comment section. 
Thanks for reading, hope everyone is having a lovely holiday!


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  1. Wonderful picks! I recently (finally!) picked up the Naked Palette and I have to agree- so versatile! I'm also planning on picking up an Inglot palette when I visit NYC next week- they look great! xo