Sunday, December 22, 2013

Ice Storms and Winter Delays

With the power off and using my phone as a source of Internet, I knew this would be an interesting Sunday post. Not only did our traveling plans get cancelled this weekend but the option of going out to see local friends and family got canceled too. So what is one to do? I have to admit, to have a weekend in the rush of the holiday season where you must stay at home might be a not the worst thing ever. So while missing our family, tv and power I thought I would share with you some of comforting products I have been enjoying.

There’s always light at the end of the storm right?

Sleep, Lavender Vanilla by Bath and Body Works
I got this cream so long ago and it’s a shame I haven’t used it because the scent is divine. I would describe the sooth scent a mix of sweetness, lavender and baby bedtime bath lotion. If you’re into the Johnson Bed Time Bath scent you’re going to for sure love this one. I have kept this bottle beside my bed and have been thoroughly enjoying it over the weekend.

Essie Playa Del Platinum
Painting your nails goes hand in hand with electricity loss.
Is anyone with me?
Playa Del Platinum happens to be one of my favorite nail polish colors ever. There something about this pale natural grey that looks chic and clean on the nails. Plus I feel the color is very fitting for this weather.

This was a product that I talked about in my samples post. What I like about this is its much thinner then my very effective but thick cold cream making it perfect for day-to-day use. I have been keeping this beside my bed to calm the eczema patch on my forehead. Yes, not the most glamorous product ever, but we are in survival mode!

Some non-beauty essentials would be, cozy blankets, spare cell phone batteries, pretty scented candles and chocolate.
Oh yeah, water, canned food and flashlights too!
Well that is all for today! 
I hope everyone is having a great weekend and for people living in southern Ontario I hope you are all safe and sound.

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