Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Fall Nail Polish Selection!

Nars Galion
This deep grey with blue undertones was a product I got earlier this summer and it’s one of those colors I knew I would get good use of this fall. This was my first NARS nail polish purchase and I am happy to report that the formula is topnotch and the wear time is incredible.

YSL Kaki Arty
This is also a new brand of polish I have tried recently. This has a wider brush so application with this is a breeze. The color is a beautiful kaki grey green, which is like nothing in my collection. This is one of those colors, which looks weird in the bottle but once applied looks beautiful.

Chanel Vertigo
Yes, another grey shade.
I should have really called this post “50 shades of grey”!
Chanel Vertigo is a purple grey that has subtle red shimmer. This was a Chanel launch last fall and has been a favorite of mine over the past year. I find Chanel polishes very in wear time. Vertigo however magically lasts on my hands for a week with out chipping.

Essie Chinchilly
Yup… another grey.
I am sorry if I am boring you at this point because this was not planned!
Marino Cool is a medium purple grey. I would say this shade is perfect for rainy fall days and it’s a color I get good use of in the spring too! Essie colors can sometimes be a bit dodgy but I can honestly say Chinchilly applies with ease.

Finally my only non-grey shade!
Debroah Lippmann Bitches Brew
I love black reds polishes for the fall and when I saw the name “Bitches Brew” I giggled and had to have it! This is a great color with easy application.

Random fact: I find metallic shades sometimes chip on my nails, which is why I don’t wear them too often.
With that being said this shade has great wear time and is extremely opaque even in only one coat. For me this color just screams fall!

Well that’s all my nail favorites! Please leave a comment because I would love to hear what are some of your favorites too!
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  1. Nice picks! Vertigo is one of my new favourites and I really want to try Chinchilly :)



  2. Chinchilly is the perfect rainy day colour!
    Thanks for the comment Jen! :)

  3. Oh the khaki YSL one looks lovely; I really like natural dark greens and greys on nails! And I love the last colour too, so dark and daring!

    Kathryn x

    1. Thats for the comment!
      and thanks for the follow on bloglovin made my day :)