Monday, September 9, 2013

Tom Ford Black Orchid for 5.99?

I thought I would do a quick post about a new discovery of mine. Which basically means I'm just way too excited! So first and far most I love Tom Ford Black Orchid it’s one of my favorite winter/fall scents ever! On a trip to Target a few months back I impulsively picked up a Black Orchid and Amber candle. To be honest I briefly smelt it but I thought it looked cute and the price was right.

So while cleaning yesterday I thought it would be nice to burn some candles. Naturally the dark glass of Black Orchid Amber reminded me of fall so I went ahead and choice that one. All I can say is WOW! If you like Tom Ford Black Orchid you will love this affordable candle. Not only does it smell almost identical to the luxurious perfume but it also burns like a dream. I can’t recommend this enough.

Now just I have to go back for the diffuser! Let me know if you’ve tried this candle and what your thoughts are? Also let me know what your favorite fall candles I would love to know!

Like always thank you for reading,



  1. Sounds amazing! Will need to find this! Following you on Bloglovin xxx

  2. I love the Tom Ford fragrance as well. I adore the black orchid and & amber candle. Burning the marshmallow pop or red velvet candle with the black orchid & amber candle creates an even lovelier experience. Hope you try it.