Sunday, September 15, 2013

Sunday GO-GO

Today was an early Sunday, well at least for me. After doing some cleaning and losing track of time Jay and I had an appointment with our builder to finalize some details in our home. Our home unfortunately won’t be ready for a year, but we are still excited none the less. After that we went to Paradise Farms Beef Bistro for lunch. All I can say is amazing! The staff, the atmosphere and the food (especially the food) was all fantastic and we can’t wait to go back.

Today I opted for a barley there makeup look not because I wanted to but because I only had five minutes to get ready. For days like these I use my well loved MAC Mineralize Skin Finish Natural and buff it on my Skin. I love how quick this is to apply and unlike other powders it doesn’t emphasis dry areas in my skin. Next I added some MAC Retrospeck and Mascara to my eyes. Finally I added BECCA Glossy Lip Tint in Sugar Plum to the lips and the cheeks. This color looks crazy in the tube but when applied it looks like a sheer stain. The transparency of the Tint makes it brilliant to add a touch of color to the cheeks. Is it just me or does anyone else do this trick?  That was basically it for my look... oh and plenty of dry shampoo. Tonight I am going to paint my nails in Deborah Lippmann’s Bitches Brew. Bitches Brew is a great blackened red and if you’ve read my fall makeup wardrobe you probably know I’m a sucker these colors.

On a non makeup related note, I blogged about the Black Orchid and Amber Target candles this week. I just wanted to keep you lovely ladies posted the biggest candle is on sale for $3.89 right now. So if you have a Target close it’s a great time to pick up one of these.
Well that is everything today.
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