Friday, September 6, 2013

Office Beauty Essentials

I really wanted to make a beauty kit that I can leave at work. With that being said I work with all men so I didn`t want pink girly makeup all over my desk. My kit is very simple and only contains 6 product`s that are both small and portable.  So keep reading if you want to know my office beauty essentials are.

Hand Cream
I love using hand cream all year because my hands tend to be slightly dry. One of my favorites are the L'Occitane hand cream`s because they are effective moisturizers and don`t leave a greasy residue. The one I am using now is the limited edition Coca Flower. The Coca Flower smells nice but I have no preference they are all good.

Face Oil
In my kit I have a sample of Clarins Santal Oil for very dry skin. I have eczema that runs through the center of my face and I find this great at soothing and moisturizing dry spots. I love Clarins oil`s and they have dramatically improved my skin, especially my eczema areas.  They have one for every skin type so if you can I highly suggest checking them out.
*This little bottle doesn`t leak so I keep refilling it!

Mini Perfume
I know some offices have a no scent policy, fortunately the one I work at doesn`t. Even if your work doesn`t allow you to wear fragrance there always a great thing to have around to freshen up after work.
I have a mini bottle of Valentino`s Valentina. I like this fragrance it`s a white floral with hints of vanilla... very pleasant. With that being said I`m not picky any little bottle will do.

Anti Bacterial
Anti Bacterial is just an overall great thing to keep around, because you never know when you want to have clean hands. I like the Anti Bac’s from Bath and Body works because they don’t dry out my hands. Bath and Body Works always has really fun scents too!

Let’s be real girls... we sweat and you don’t want to be the stinky person. I think it’s great to keep a deodorant in your desk to avoid embarrassing situations. I love La Vanilla’s deodorant in Pure Vanilla. I find that for a natural product it is very effective and also smells great.

Lip Product
I have a Chanel’s Allure Gloss in Confidence simply because it’s a really flattering pink. The Allure Gloss’s are some of my favorite because they last forever, are comfortable to wear and have great pigmentation.  You can also choose a lip balm or lipstick it’s really up to you!

 I like that my office beauty kit is my little girly (but not too girly) escape throughout the day.
Let me know what essentials you keep around you desk.
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