Friday, September 20, 2013

50 Random Things Tag

1.       No one tagged me to do this
2.       My favorite food is pizza
3.       I use to decorate cakes and cupcakes
4.       My entire wardrobe consists of 4 colors, black, white, blue and grey
5.       I have had Lasik eye surgery and it was the best

6.       I don’t dye my hair
7.       I cut my hair once a year
8.       I`m not a hair person
9.       My first purchase from MAC was Swish and Mac Pink Freeze eye shadow
10.   My second purchase from MAC was Sable eye shadow, which is one of my favorites today.
11.   I once recorded a You Tube then got nervous and deleted it
12.   My left eye brow is not as full as my right eye brow
13.   I take my coffee black with 4 sugars
14.   I take my tea with only milk
15.   My best friends are two polar opposites, but they both balance me out
16.   My birthday is in October
17.   I`m big into astrology but I would classify myself as an a-typical Libra
18.   I have a huge phobia of frogs
19.   I`m fearless in public speaking
20.   I finished school with a diploma in marketing
21.   I`m a huge sucker for good marketing
22.   I have a brown speck in my right eye
23.   I`m an only child
24.   Both of my parents are Croatian
25.   My favorite desserts are white chocolate raspberry cheese cake and ice cream
26.   I love being outside
27.   I hate eating outside
28.   I dance in the car
29.   I swear way to much
30.   I have a dog her name is Lola and she is a schnoodle
31.   I love cooking
32.   I ask way to many questions, if google was a person they would be annoyed
33.   I wear the same jewellery 99 percent of the time
34.   I`m obsessed with blush
35.   My favorite blush is from a Discontinued Too Face Pallet. I have not owned this blush in years but wish they would release it again.
36.   My mom`s cat hates me even thou I adore her
37.   I like white china, I just think food looks better on it
38.   I love swimming
39.   I collect vintage hats
40.   My favorites movies are Jackie Brown, Layer Cake and Finding Nemo
41.   I commonly wear men`s cologne
42.    I hate text messaging, I prefer phone calls
43.   I`m really bad at keeping my cell phone charged
44.   I`ve gone out to dinner alone
45.   My favorite fruits are grapes apples, bananas and watermelon
46.   My favorite chocolate bar is twix
47.   My favorite snack is ketchup chips
48.   I love to sleep in
49.   I love writing on my blog
50.   I also love that you read this

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