Sunday, September 22, 2013

Recovery Sunday

You wake up with false eyelash`s half off, your makeup smeared on the side of your face and your evening dress still on. Although very embarrassing ladies this was me this morning.  So I wanted to share with you some of my makeup tips because there`s nothing worse than looking and feeling like crap.

1.       Serum. I find after a late night with a few too many cocktails I wake up with horribly dehydrated skin. Serum is great for everyday, but I especially like it for occasions like these.  I`m still using the Avene Soothing Hyrdating Serum and I`m really loving this.

2.       Caffeine based eye cream. These are great because they really do de-puff the eye area. The one I am using is the Philosophy Eyes Wide Open. I find this has a incredibly refreshing formula and great to wear under makeup.

3.       Concealer is a must! For days when I don`t get enough rest I always start with Bobbi Brown`s Corrector then apply Clinique`s Air Brush Concealer on top.

4.       When I`m hung over my skin looks dull and colorless. So I make sure I always use blush, today I used the Dior Healthy Blush. This is a new one to me and so far so good!

These beauty tips will not cure your hang over but they will defiantly help you look better. In addition to this always drink lots of water and have Advil close by.  

Thanks for reading and I hope my tips help!

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