Monday, August 12, 2013

What’s in my purse?

These are my favorite blog post’s to read and YouTube videos to watch.
So without further ado this is what I carry with me day to day. 
 Trash in my purse contains candy wrappers, receipts and random pieces of garbage I collect throughout the day. This week it happens to be a ticket stub and takeout menu.

Moleskin Agenda
I’m forgetful so I write everything down. This is my third year using moleskin’s and what I like about the brand is how well they age.

Actually it’s mechanical pencil, pens are too permanent.

Cell Phone and back up battery
I use a Blackberry Z10 and overall I like it.

Advil Packet’s
Having Advil with you is always a must. I like the individually wrapped one’s because they don’t spontaneously open.

A must if I’m going anywhere!

Change purse
I got this change purse year’s ago at a Mark Jacobs store in Los Vegas. I paid less than $20 for this and it’s still holding up decently today.

This is where I keep my cards and cash. I have been using this Cole Haan wallet for two years now. My advice to someone who wants to maintain their wallets would be getting a change purse. Change destroys wallets!

Right now I’m wearing my Tom Ford Campbell sunglass’s in black. 

IPod Classic
Classic ha! My ipod has been everywhere with me and it still work's like a dream. I have over 6000 songs on this baby and I'm not ready to trade her in yet. 

Makeup Case
The makeup case I use is a Balenciaga one. Don’t be fooled I got this as a gift with purchase when I bought my Balenciaga perfume.  Usually I keep whatever lipstick I am wearing that day (and some random ones too!) but I always carry my La Vanilla Pure Vanilla roller ball perfume, a hand cream and my NARS Beautiful Life lip and cheek pallet.

What are your must have's that you carry? Leave a comment!

Best Wishes,


  1. Your bag is absolutely beautiful. Good for you for not carrying around as much as I do (what if it snows in august? What if i really want to wear blue eyeliner?)

    1. LOL thanks for the comment! You can never be too prepared... I still have that take out menu in my purse because you just never know, right? LOL