Friday, August 16, 2013

My top 5 drug store products

I love when I find products that rival prestige brands at the drug store. I’m not someone who compromises on quality or would ever recommend a subpar product.
Ok Tanya... stop being so serious!
Here are my top 5 truly amazing drug store products

Essense I love extreme crazy volume mascara
I know I mention this in every post but it is seriously that good. It makes my eyelash’s long and full of volume without flaking or any of that funniness. The formula is a perfect balance between wet and dry and the tube doesn’t magically dry out overnight. It’s to this date the best mascara I’ve tried and recommend it to everyone.

Rimmel Scandal Eyes in Nude
I have tried nude eyeliners in the past and I’ve found them either too dark or way to light. Nude seems to be the perfect fit making my eyes look bright yet natural. The formula does not hold back it’s both creamy (glides along the waterline amazingly) and long lasting. If you’ve ever been curious about nude eyeliners this is a great one to pick up.

Maybelline Great Lash in Clear
I have been using this to set my brows every day for years. I like that this product is clear, non-cakey and light weight.
On a side note have you ever tried a brow wax that makes you feel like you have eye brows like Mr. Potato Head? Horrible horrible feeling!
Back to topic this is a fuss free product that works incredibly well at taming eyebrows.

L'Oreal - Colour Riche Caresse Wet Shine Stain in Rose on Rose
I’ve tried other colors from this line without the same luck as Rose on Rose. Rose on Rose is a pretty pink with gold summer, when applied it looks like a shimmery but natural pink tint. Although is an excellent color what wins me over is the long lasting moisturizing formula.

Bioderma Sensibio
The water like fluid removes makeup without irritation or any strange residue. It feels like water on the skin but removes makeup extremely effetely. I have gone through numerous bottles of this and highly recommend this product.
I know in the States Sensibio is hard to find but for Canadian readers I buy mine at Shoppers Drug Mart or Rexall.  

Thought I would also share my super girly nail's this week.


Thanks for reading.
I love trying new products leave me a comment on what your favorite drug store product is!


  1. Bioderma is such a lovely brand, I'm repurchasing this stuff all the time haha. your nails look amazing! xo


    1. Thanks for you comment!

      Tarte Tanya