Thursday, August 29, 2013

August Favorites

What a month! This month there has been some huge changes for me. I finally started a new job which I’m very excited about. I made the transition a male dominated industry so blogging to unleash my girly side has never been so significant. I’m excited to share with you my August favorites so without any more rambling here we go. 

Chanel Aventure Rouge Coco Shine
Rouge Coco Shines are great lip products and one of my all time favorites. Aventure is a perfect sparkly pink that is natural enough to wear everyday but gives enough color to add interest to the lip area. I have been loving this and am now wondering why I haven’t worn it in long time? Why Tanya why?
MAC Satin Taupe
What a great color and formula! I have had this product in my stash for a couple of months now and recently started using it. I love that Satin Taupe is a great smoky eye shadow while still being appropriate for the office. 
MAC Painterly Paint Pot
I go through love phases with this product and right now we are on our second honeymoon. I find Painterly with some Satin Taupe along the crease is an easy-peasy polished eye duo. Even by itself Painterly is a quick way to even out the eyelid area.
Le Metier de Beaute Tamarock
This is a great mid tone brown with outstanding pigmentation. Not only is this great for blending out eye shadow’s but it’s also great to fill in my eyebrows. This tiny product comes with a mirror making portable to travel with. The only thing I hate is that Tamarock is so nice that it makes me want to try out more Le Metier products, which is fun for me but not for my bank account.

 Well that pretty much sums up my favorites for the month of August. But with that being said I can’t wait for September because fall is around the corner (my favorite season). Most of all I want to start rocking vampy lip colors, dark red nail polish’s, boots, sweaters, Thanksgiving, Halloween, Halloween candy... ok Tanya keep your cool. 
*deep sigh*
Like always ladies big thanks for reading I really appreciate it.
Leave me a comment and let me know what you’ve loved or if you excited for fall as much as I am.

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