Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Back to School Makeup Kit

I am positively not a morning person and I never have been. So my goal has always been to use minimal products that are easy to put on, but give an overall refined look.
My school (or work) make up kit only has four products making it quick to put on and easy to travel with.
So keep reading if you want to find out what’s in my kit.
1.       Foundation
I believe if you’re going to spurge on a makeup item foundation should be it. Really take the time in trying different formulas and shades and choice one that perfect for you.

My personal pick is the Super BB by Skin 79. I like that this bb cream it brightens my skin, while looking natural. I also think this is a great product because you can apply it on with your fingers and it offers sun protection.

2.       Blush and Bronzer Duo
There are a numerous companies that make these. For the money elf have a fantastic duo that includes a two great pigmented products. I like that you can add definition to the face and a pop of colour on the cheeks. This sleek compact also very easy to travel with and if you were anything like me your makeup application usually happens 5 min before class.

3.       Mascara
Yes, I love my Essence mascara! But no matter what mascara you choose it’s a product that takes seconds to put on yet really adds definition to the eyes.

4.       Lip Gloss
I think lip gloss is fun and a great product to add some shine or color to the lip area. What I love about lip gloss is how low maintenance it is pop on. There are so many great formulas out there but what I opted for is the Beauty Rush lip gloss in More Mimosa. I like the Beauty Rush line because not only is it inexpensive but it offer’s tons of great shiny shades and great tasting flavours.

You can always add more products, but I think these four products give a quick easy polished look perfect for school or work.
Let me know what some of your favorites products are for rushed mornings?

Thanks for taking the time to read.


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