Saturday, April 1, 2017

March Favourites

What a month! Professionally I have been extremely busy. Not only has my 9-5 been extremely challenging but over the past couple of weeks I was offered a new job. Now, I love starting new things … Yes, I’m one of those rare breeds that loves to meet new people and feel inspired when I start new tasks. I am also excited that this job will require me to dress like an adult! Which means so long yoga pants (I’m going to miss you) and hello power lipsticks. 
I’m way off topic here, but what I’m getting to is: 
1. I can’t wait till next month’s favourites 
2. I have been busy, so expect easy-peasy favourites 
3. I’m still having a full on obsession with The Ordinary ( I believe I now own over 8 products from the range) 
Let’s get started!

The Ordinary Buffet
This serum contains venom, peptides that trick the skin… basically what I’m saying is there are a lot of high tech things in this serum and you need to go visit my review now (here). The glory is in the name, because this literally is a buffet for the skin. Buffet has anti-aging properties, hydrating properties and just about everything in-between. The best part is your getting some amazing technology but for a fraction of a price. If you wanted to try something from The Ordinary I would say Buffet is an excellent place to start. 

The Ordinary Lactic Acid 10% + HA 2%
I love Sunday Rileys Good Genes. It makes my skin luminous, even toned and just generally glow-y. However at $135 a pop Good Genes is an expensive. I’ve said this before and I stand by it… skincare is an investment! However, should I be able to save I am all for it. The Ordinary Lactic Acid is an excellent product that has similar effects as Good Gene’s and one that I plan on reviewing sometime real soon. 

Darphin Aromatic Cleansing Balm 
Aromatic Cleansing blam is a thick and luxurious. It removes makeup along with SPF, but it’s super gentle at the same time. I’ve had this product for just over two weeks now and I can thoroughly say I’ve look forward to using it each and every day. A fancy cleansing balm that definitely needs a whole review of its own, expect to a whole post sometime about this sometime soon. 
If you haven’t noticed I’ve been buying a lot of skincare as of late! 

Jean Paul Gaultier Classique
Vanilla, rose and rum make this perfume warm and cozy. While most fragrances I try these days are loud and sickly sweet Classique is soft and slightly powder like. If you needed an everyday, life friendly, classic perfume I can’t recommend this Jean Paul Gaultier master piece enough (review here)

Acure Organics Ultra Hydrating Body Lotion in Unscented 
If a body butter and body lotion had a baby it would be Acure’s Hydrating Body Lotion. This thick body cream is intensely moisturizing, yet is absorbs into the skin almost instantly. From using this on the baby to my partner reaching for the bottle, an Unscented lotion really never appealed to me before however having one on hand has proved itself super useful. Plus I really like that this doesn’t interfere with my fragrance! Like all of Acure’s product this ingredient list is filled with goodness, I can’t recommend the Ultra Hydrating Body Lotion enough! 

Skincare heavy I know! But what can I say when I’m busy it all comes down to skin. With that being said I can’t wait to see what next month brings. What have you been loving as of late leave me a comment below or on my social. Like always thank for reading and I can’t wait for all the reviews I have in store for you .

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