Monday, January 9, 2017

Fresh Sugar Lemon Perfume Review

It’s a new year and that means fresh beginnings. For me my new beginning means me concluding maternity leave and going back to work. On a completely unrelated note I have to say I have the upmost respect for working moms, because not only is it heartbreaking leaving you child every day, it’s been a real struggle balancing work life and home life… I am absolutely and utterly exhausted. One thing (besides coffee) that’s put a bounce back into my step is Fresh’s Lemon Sugar Perfume. So I thought why not share one of my new favourites?

When we think of lemon-y scented things the first thing that comes to mind is cleaning products. Now I am no perfumer but I would say there is a fine line between smelling lemony fresh and stinking like cheap toilet cleaner. A part of me can’t believe I said that, because Fresh Sugar Lemon is so far removed from the world of cleaning products that I consider this fragrance a masterpiece. Scent wise this perfume boasts bergamot, lychee flower, caramel and orange blossom.  These notes work together to make a fragrance that resembles the nostalgic scent fresh lemonade, yet the florals elements work to make the overall finish very refined, invigorating and surprisingly addictive.

If you couldn’t tell by now I absolutely love this perfume! The crispness compliments cold winter days to a t. Likewise this juicy lemon scent would be an excellent choice for warmer months too. So while I’m sitting here missing my daughter, sleep deprived and hungry (I forgot lunch) I can’t shake the feeling that this perfume just puts a smile on my face and a bounce back to my walk. If you’re looking to try out a new perfume this winter I cannot recommend Fresh Lemon Sugar enough.

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