Friday, October 14, 2016

Diorskin Nude Air Serum Foundation Review

I don't like to start a review with a negative remark, but damn Dior you have burned me yet once again! The first blow was the invention of the ever addictive Lip Glow lip balm, I swear I could easily go through a tube once a month. Besides burning a hole in my wallet, Dior has recently started to phase out there Diorskin Nude BB Cream. If you haven't read my review (here) this BB cream was by far the best base I've ever tried. So after leaving me high and dry and broke as a joke the first place I ventured to when I needed a new foundation was of course, Dior.
Dior's foundation/base range is prolific. They literally have a foundation texture, finish and colour for every skin tone and skin type. A quick online count shows Dior now offers over 10 different kinds of bases. I also really like that in comparison to other stuffy luxury brands Dior's product range is cutting edge and trendy all while remaining classy at the same time.
I can talk all day about my love for Dior all day, but we are hear to talk foundation to lets get the show on the road.

Diorskin Nude Air Serum foundation a sheer, natural finish foundation that has the texture of water. Despite its runny texture this foundation magically melts into the skin with minimal effort. You could blend this foundation in with a brush, but personally I love using my fingers. It's the kind of base that you can quickly slap on and not worry about it looking cake-y or streak-y. However my favourite thing about this foundation is that it blurs imperfections all while remaining undetectable to the naked eye.

The formula. With the name serum thrown in the name you bet that this foundation is the perfect blend of skincare and makeup. Now I'm not saying saying you should pass on your skincare. However, with the addition of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals it's nice knowing your foundation is giving your skin some extra love. In addition this I love that this foundation boasts a SPF 25 too. 

Cutting edge formula, high quality product, please Dior don't discontinue this one on me! Diorskin Nude Air Serum is the perfect lightweight, easy to apply, natural looking foundation. If your on the market for a new foundation, or just want to try something different can't recommend the Diorskin Nude Serum foundation enough. 


  1. This stuff sounds amazing! I've never tried a Dior foundation before. Maybe I'll give this a go after I've finished a few of the foundations I already have! Hopefully they don't discontinue it before I get to try it. Haha

    Nicole | The Glam Surge

  2. I was seriously shocked to see just how many different foundation formulas Dior had!!! This one was by far my favourite out of the bunch... I really hope they don't discontinue too! Why does that always happen?
    Thank you for commenting :)

  3. I've heard a few good things about Dior foundations lately. I didn't realise they had so many to choose from :)

    1. There selection is HUGE. From the time I bought this foundation to the time this review went up they released a new foundation too.