Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Lifestyle Favourites

After doing my August favourites post I thought to myself 'I have so much more to share'. At first I was going to make an extra long favourites post, but given my ramble-y nature I didn't want to drag things out. So today I'm putting my tube of lipstick down and talking about lifestyle favourites. Lets begin...

S'well Water Bottle
These water bottles are pricey. Actually, for the longest time I thought there was some sort of computer chip in them that tracks how much water you drink during the day... because who in there right mind would pay $45.00 for a water bottle? However after hearing nothing but positive reviews I couldn't help but to purchase one.
The honest truth is S'well water bottles are nothing short of amazing. Yes, there soda bottle shaped is adorable and yes, they come in a huge selection of cute colours. However there ability to keep water ice cold for 24 hours makes them better then any other water bottle I've tried. In addition S'wells also keep hot drinks, hot for 12 hours too. If you were looking for a fun water bottle, with excellent build quality give S'well a try.

Lululemon Vinyasa Scarf
This scarf is by far the softest, stretchiest, cuddliest scarf I've ever owned. To make things better the vinyasa scarf can be worn 10 different ways (video here) and its super breathable too. If you were looking for a handy, cozy scarf for the upcoming season I can't recommend this one enough. My love for this scarf so strong I am highly contemplating on purchasing this in black and grey too.

Saje Sleep Well Remedy 
As a new mom I am looking for any tip, trick or treat that well help me get a more restful sleep. Thus far I've tried yoga, lavender essential oil, but nothing has worked as well as Saje's Sleep Well remedy. The very scent of this makes me yawn and before you know I'm on my way to a good nights rest... it's kind of like a natural sleeping pill. If you wake up frequently at night or just have a hard time getting to bed this cocktail of sleep inducing essential oils is a game changer.

Healthy Banana Cookies
I love this recipe for three very important reasons; 1. it's an excellent way to use overly ripe bananas, 2. it's healthy, 3. it's easy. Yes, people with three handy ingredients you can whip up a batch of guilt free, banana oatmeal cookies. In addition to being easy and handy also really like that this recipe is flexible, often times I've added coconut, cinnamon or almonds to the recipe and they turn out each and every time. If you want a healthy cookie breakfast or just wanted a nutritious snack you can find the recipe here

Healthy cookies, water bottles and natural sleep remedies this Lifestyle Favourites post surely makes me sound way more health conscious then I actually am. Actually embarrassingly over the past 3 days I've eaten an entire apple pie, over indulged in pizza and ate a bag of Twix Bites... Life is about moderation? Without getting to reflective here I have some amazing posts lined up for you so until next time ladies. 

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