Friday, September 2, 2016

August Favourites

I have 100% the gift of gab today. For example the first time I wrote this post it started of with a 200 word introduction on how cosmetics reflect life. My second introduction became a discriptive 50 reasons why I love fall essay. For those wondering, no I am not drunk! So ladies and gents for the sake of simplicity here are august favourites.

FaceOff Cloth
A cloth that can remove makeup without soap? I admit I was skeptical about these 'miracle' micro fibre facial clothes. Even if these could somehow remove makeup wouldn't it cause irritation to the skin? If you find yourself with the same questions I am happy to report these REALLY WORK. Not only does the cloth feel gentle on your face, but somehow (almost magically) this removes any trace of makeup too.
If you are a fan of makeup removers or miceller water's the FaceOff Cloth is a game changer. At $12.95 this product is a must try (you can find out more here)

Eminence Firm Skin Acai Cleanser
If you read my review (here) this should come to no surprise to you, I love this stuff. Not only does this berry scented cleanser come with a pump, but it also has great ingredients and feels nourishing on the skin too. With cooler months just around the corner I know my skin will thank me for the extra hydration. 
I'm still testing the Eminence Strawberry Rhubarb rice powder exfoliator. However a little powder mixed in with this cleanser seems to be exfoliation perfection. 

Kat Von D Studded Lipstick in Cathedral 
I went on a hunt for the perfect nude....
Actually the truth is I was at the mall, had one to many drinks at lunch and somehow I ended up at Sephora.
Drinks, Sephora... I know it's a dangerous combination.
After browsing through the skincare department I got the sudden alcohol induced urge to find the perfect nude. After trying over 10 pale nude lipsticks I came to the conclusion that pale nudes just aren't for me. So after lots of help from the Sephora team I settled for Cathedral. Unlike many nudes that wash me out, Cathedral is slightly rosy which makes it that much more flattering. Pretty bullet, long lasting colour and the perfect shade make this lipstick a new favourite.

Clarins Hand and Nail Treatment
I am a hand cream lover and my new favourite is the Clarins Hand and Nail Treatment. Firstly I love that this leaves my hands moisturized, yet not greasy. Secondly I love the scent! Thirdly and most impressively is this treatment really works wonders in making my nails long, healthy and hard. It's kind of like a manicure in a bottle. If you were looking for a hand cream this fall I highly suggest giving this one a try.

So there we have it, my August favourites. As we all know I'm rather ramble-y today so I to will keep this closing brief and say, thank you for reading. I would also like to say I can't wait for fall to come. I also can't wait for Thanksgiving and Halloween... mini Kit-Kat bars and Candy Corn... pumpkin pie, chai latte... I can go on forever!
Until next time ladies!! 


  1. Drinks & Sephora is definitely a dangerous mix - hahah! I love the shade you picked out though! :)

    Nicole | In The Life of NM

    1. Thanks, luckily I didn't get myself into too much trouble!