Wednesday, June 29, 2016

5 Tips For a Better Sleep

After months of persistent exhaustion I knew my sleeping habits needed to change. The old me would go to bed around 10:00pm thinking 'this will be the day I go to bed early'. However after reading the news, looking at Instagram and surfing the web, my hopes of restful sleep go out the window. So if your reading this and relating to my experiences or yawning (I hope your not bored), here are my 5 tips for a better sleep.

1. No Electronics
Every article I've ever read on sleep has recommended to avoid TV, computers or phones before bed. To be honest I feel like I've known this tip for ages but never applied it in my own life. Finally one night after aimlessly surfing the web for hours I realized this has got to stop! These days I make a effort to go to bed laptop free and the end result is a night filled with sleep.

2. Aromatherapy 
There is nothing out there that makes me as sleep ready as lavender. So every night I quickly spritz lavender mist on my pillow. Not only does this step take seconds, but it instantly creates a tranquil sleep environment. For those who are interested I use the affordable Aura Cacia Lavender Mist and it can be found here. 

3. Pyjamas 
Another contributing factor to my shit sleep routine was the fact I would wear clothes to bed. Pyjama's, sleep? Hear me out, but the habit of putting on a comfy pyjama before bed tells my brain its time to sleep. As where the act of putting on legging and a t-shirt get me ready for lounging in front of the TV. So to combat this issue I highly recommend the magic of a good set of pj's. All through slightly overpriced some of my all-time favourites come from Soma. With that being said there is always a great selection of affordable pj's at stores like Winners. 
Pyjama magic is a very real thing!

4. Routine
I have a bedtime routine for my daughter, we play, read and feed for a goodnights rest. However when I looked at my own bedtime routine it was a little backwards. So just like my baby I implemented a bedtime routine in my life and damn it ever change things. I think the old me use to get overwhelmed at a routine but really it only takes 10 min. My personal routine consists of pj's, brushing my teeth, aroma spray, lip balm, quick glance at Instagram and lights out. 

5. Go to Bed When Your Tired
As newly converted master of sleep the best tip I could have given my old self is go to bed when your tired. For years I would go to bed in hopes I would fall sleep early when in reality I wasn't tired at all.  After hours of tossing and turning, followed by hours wasted online I would fall asleep in the wee hours of the morning. These days if I'm not tired I make a cup of tea, read a book or go for a late night walk. 

With a little pyjama magic followed by a quick mist of lavender you can be a master of sleep too. If you have any tips feel free to share in the comments section below. 

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