Friday, March 11, 2016

Skincare Hacks

If you haven't noticed by now I love skincare. Dare I even say I am obsessed? However with a baby now in the picture I must confess at times I have been incredibly lazy with my skincare routine. But as we all know life throws you obstacles where sometimes you don't have time to sit down and pamper you face... students, working women, new mothers or mothers of 6 it's still possible to have great skin even with the least amount of effort. So today lets dabble in the world of skincare hacks.

When you crave a purifying mask.
Shortcut- Tata Harper Purifying Cleanser (review here)
Purifying masks can help combat pimples and unblock pores. Between application to letting the product dry these facial treatments can take up to 20 minutes or longer. So my shortcut of choice is Tata's Purifying Cleanser. Instead taking a long 20 minutes this miracle product has the same purifying effect but only takes minutes... Literally all you have to do is wash you face!
Along with unblocking pores and fighting spots, Tata's Purifying Face also leaves your skin radiant, clear and hydrated.
When your skin needs moisture.
Shortcut- Clinique Moisture Surge Facial Mist (review here)
There are times during the day where it's impractical to moisturize your face. For me when noon hits my skin begins to feel slightly dry, but who really has time to remove there makeup, hydrate then reapply? My answer to instant hydration is Clinique's Moisture Surge spray! Apart from adding instant moisture and been suited for all skin types, the fine mist won't disturb makeup that you might be wearing. Seriously this is one of my favourite lazy skincare cheats!

When you want to cheat on your serum and moisturizer.
Shortcut - Facial oil best suited for your skin type.
Double cleanse, exfoliate, oil, serum, moisturize and treat! One thing I love about skincare is the routine, with that being said sometimes even skincare lovers like myself get busy, tired or simply lazy. So when you want a break from the routine I highly recommend a facial oil. Apart from hydrating oils can offer a slew of different treatments.
Some of my all time favourites are:
For oily skin- Clarins Lotus Treatment Oil
For really dry, sensitive or eczema prone skin- Clarins Blue Orchid Oil (review here)
For anti aging- Jacynthe's Serum (review here)

When you crave a Hydration Sheet Mask, but don't have time
Shortcut - First Aid Beauty Hydra Beauty Sleeping Cream (here)
Sheet masks, gel masks, cream masks ... I am a mask enthusiast.
My problem with masks is generally they take time, time that I sometimes don't have. My shortcut to a hydration mask is the First Aid Beauty Sleeping Cream. All you do is apply, sleep and you wake up with beautiful hydrated skin, its literally that simple. Despite having a thicker texture this cream doesn't feel greasy or slimy on the skin. I highly recommend this one it's one of the best lazy girl products out there.

So before you think theres no time for a mask, there is! And if your skin feels dry at noon, there is way to get instant moisture! Basically, what I'm saying is no matter how crazy life gets there is a amazing skincare shortcut for you out there. 
What are some of your favourite skincare cheats? 

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