Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Saje Wellness

Last fall I got pulled out of a conference call to take a phone call. Usually these types of urgent phone calls are indicate some sort of family emergency. However there is one other women who is just as obsessed with beauty as me... my mom. I kid you not on the other end of the phone my mom is belligerently chanting "Saje Wellness", "open", "skincare" and "yoga mat spray". The normal reaction would be to be mad, but as a beauty junkie myself I sprung out of my chair and yelled "there opening a Saje at the mall" and then we proceeded to talk about yoga mat sprays, natural skincare and aroma therapy for the next half an hour.
I wish this story was an over exaggeration, embarrassingly this actually happened.

 Saje Natural Wellness specializes in natural healing and healthy living. There range of products include everything from skincare and hand wash to things like natural headache remedies and aromatherapy oils. What I like about Saje is there high quality products and excellent customer service. I also really happen to like there Canadian roots too.

I have tried a few things from Saje like there Peppermint Halo natural headache remedy and there yoga mat spray (you can use to refresh your running shoes). However my favourite thing among the bunch has been there Nebulizers and diffuser blends.  Basically Nebulizers are a heat free essential oil diffusers. These compact machines create a thin stream of water vapour that also help aid allergies and purify air. Now I'm sort of a low maintenance candle burning kind of girl, so I was slightly intimated by using this diffuser. With that being said its a super easy to use machine, add water, a few drops of essential oil, turn on the on button and the next thing you know you've transformed your bedroom to a spa. As for the Diffuser Blends I really like woodsy invigorating Mountain High during the day and soothing lavender Stress Release for night.

There are still so many things I want to try from this brand including there skincare and "Sleep" range of products. Actually I would like to try some of there candles and deodorants too... this might be the start to a slight Saje obsession. I've noticed these stores popping up everywhere in the Toronto area so if you have any recommendations I am open to suggestions.

For more information on Saje click here.

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