Thursday, September 10, 2015

The Perfect Bath

 I’ve always considered myself more of a shower girl, but soaking in the tub has recently been growing on me. Sometimes I watch TV shows in the tub, while other times I do absolutely nothing. I have to say me recent preference has been doing absolutely nothing. I think the switch went off when I started adding pampering touches around the tub. These inexpensive, insignificant details might not seem like anything but trust me they work together to give a spa like experience. So today we are taking this to the tub, here are my much-loved ways to creating the perfect bath.

Let in Nature
I once saw a picture of a magical looking bathtub surrounded by vines, orchids and moss... I fell in love with the picture, but in reality having this beautiful enchanted forest scene in my bathroom isn’t practical for me. So to capture a touch of nature I bought myself a plant and a low maintenance succulent at that. In addition to the a little greenery I also added a slice of wood that I use as a tray for my bath products. This ‘slice of wood’ is actually a mini cutting board I got at my local Winners for under $15.00. I think I will eventually add more plants to the tub area, but I have to say I am happy with the two little nature touches I have right now.

The Perfect Soap Dish
Trying to catch a bar of soap in a bath is nearly impossible and soap scum on the sides of your tub suck. The answer is a cute soap dish people… They are inexpensive, they save your product from waste and they look nice too. I opted for a white soap boho inspired tray, but you could also use a teacup saucer for really charming results too.
Indulgent Bath Products
As someone who has stained there tub with gold glitter, ‘therapeutic’ mud and pink bath bombs, bath products can make or break a bath experience for me.These days I stick to bath products that don’t come with a high upkeep cleanup, which overall creates a more relaxing experience for me. You can totally spend a fortune on products; however you can also save should you choose. A personal time bath favourite is the NUXE Oil Prodigieuse. This oil works on face, hair and body, but a couple of squirts into a hot bath is truly a beautiful experience. Now I’m not saying this oil is drugstore cheap but because it’s so multi-purpose it’s easy to justify the price.

Candle Power
I strongly believe every bath should be complimented by some sort of candle. Sure you can opt with a fancy Dyptique candle, but trust me any candle providing you like the scent works. I have always liked Valuspa candles, with that being said I currently have two random candles by my tub. So ladies turn off those harsh bathroom lights and prepare to unwind.

What are some of your favourite ways to create the perfect bath? Leave me a comment! 

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  1. Nothing like a pamper sesh for the perfect bath! X

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