Sunday, September 6, 2015

Empties #8

I have a love, hate relationship with empties. On one hand I hate hoarding garbage, but on the other hand I love reading straight to the point reviews. I also happen to love throwing out all the empties at once, there is just something so gratifying about it!  So long lipstick, fair well moisturizer… you get the idea. Today, I have a lot of empties to share with you so let’s get down to business, shall we!
Patyka Biokaliftin Ultra Radiant Face Cream
In a nutshell this moisturizer is probably one of the best I’ve ever tried. Its hydrating, radiance enhancing, contains amazing ingredients and just generally feels like a dream on the skin. At almost $200.00 (Canadian) it is also the most expensive moisturizer I’ve ever tried. Unless I win the lottery I don’t plan on buying this. Personally with its formula of peptides, hyaluronic acid, oat fats and other hydrating oils I think there are similar out there for less.

The Face Shop Design My Eyebrow
This faintly pigmented, waxy pencil theoretically shouldn’t be any good. However if you are cursed with a heavy hand this is just the kind of eyebrow product you want. With it’s impossible to over apply formula, a beautifully slanted tip this product is definitely one of the best Face Shop I’ve tried to date. I have repurchased time and time again will continue to do so.

Bioderma Sensibio
 I don’t think there’s ever been an Empties post on Tarte Tanya that didn’t include a bottle of Bioderma. If you were looking for gentle, effective makeup remover you must give this ago. I have already repurchased and will continue to repurchase.

L'Occitane Almond Shower Oil
This is some seriously good shower gel and I use to love the scent of this. However since becoming pregnant the scent throws me off. I find the scent of the so off putting even thinking about it makes my stomach turn. So although this product comes highly recommended I can’t say I will be repurchasing this anytime soon.

La Vanilla Pure Vanilla Deodorant
The only natural deodorant that actually works! If you have sensitivities to conventional deodorant I can't recommend this enough. Likewise if you wanted to stay clear of aluminium, parabens and other nasties give this a go too! I have repurchased this time and time again and will continue to do so. 

Indeed Labs Snoxin 
I personally love Indeed labs, they do excellent, innovative skincare at very affordable prices. Snoxin stays true to there philosophy! This peptide heavy serum with help plump up the skin like nobodies business. I have a whole review here should you care to have a little skincare read! 

Rodial Glamtox Serum 
I would actually consider this serum a a facial oil and a really good one at that. While I enjoyed using this serum, its since been discontinued so I will not be repurchasing this. 

Avene Skin Recovery Cream Rich 
If you get severely dry, sensitive skin then stop what your doing and get this product. In addition to feeling amazingly soothing on the skin, this product really helps repair dry areas too. Personally Avene is one of my favourite skincare lines and this product is one of my favourites among the range. Once the cold weather hits you can bet I will be repurchasing this again! 

Benefit Roller Lash 
Roller Lash is a really, really good mascara. The curved brush hugs the eye area, while the black formula gives the look of long fluttery lashes. Gorgeous stuff and adorable packaging! While I have currently been testing out some drugstore mascaras I will definitely go back to this mascara in the future. Review here

Clarins Daily Energizer Gel
If your a reader of Tarte Tanya you have probably come to know that I am nuts about this product. Actually, if you look back at my previous empties I'm sure you can spot many empty tubes of this outstanding cleanser too! But I love this cleanser, its gentle and leaves my skin soft and clean. In addition to working well alone, this gel cleanser works wonders as a second step cleanse too! If you needed a no bullshit kind of cleansing product, give this one a try! Full review here and backups of this product already repurchased. 

Now that business is done its time for me to take a nap, because that was a lot of empty products. On a completely unrelated note I am still confused on how pregnancy can make someone can go from loving the scent of almonds to absolutely hating it... Will I ever love almond again? 
I suppose only time well tell! Now I'm just rambling, so that means its time for me to go, because soon I will start talking about food and then we can be here for days. So thank you ladies for reading, I hope your all enjoying the long weekend! 

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