Tuesday, July 28, 2015

My Thoughts on Parabens

The topic of parabens is a tricky, sensitive issue. While working in cosmetics I usually encountered two people, the Paraben Lover and the Paraben Activist. On one extreme the paraben lover clams that parabens help preserve the integrity of their beauty products (and they do). Once I had a lady that told me parabens helped ‘preserve her face’. Which was followed by her telling me not to believe any of the ‘hype’ and get on the paraben train myself.

On the hand is the activist. I am terrified of the Paraben Activist, not because I don’t respect their opinions but because I had a bottle of Philosophy’s Hope in a Jar once thrown at my head. This gentleman then told me that I was selling cancer and I was killing people. It can be hard for a girl working in the beauty industry I tell you! As he was ready to throw another bottle of moisturizer in my direction he was removed by security at and told never to come back.  Lucky I was able to dodge every bottle that came my way, but this dude was horrifying! So while I try my best to avoid parabens, I don’t see myself tossing goods at sales associates anytime in the future either. Consequently I consider myself somewhere in the middle.

Parabens are a preservative found in beauty products. Paraben’s can be also found in nature such as in strawberries. However, since food contains so little of this ingredient is nothing to worry about (nor nothing to pass a slice of strawberry shortcake for). In beauty Parabens are used as a preservative. So yes Paraben Lover lady is right they will keep your moisturizer fresh, but no they will not preserve your face. The down side of this miracle product is that they can interfere with hormone function. Parabens imitate estrogen and have been found in human breast cancer tissues. In addition there are also studies that suggest methylparben in combination with a little sun can lead to increased sun damage, which results in premature aging.

So where does that leave us? Well if you choose to use parabens or not it’s completely up to you! I won’t judge you, nor will bash your beloved eye cream or moisturizer.  My philosophy has been to use the best ingredients I can possibly find, so I try my best to avoid parabens. For me there are healthier preservatives out there that offer better results and without all the negative consequences.

What is your stance on parabens? Leave me a comment.

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