Thursday, June 18, 2015

The Best Everyday SPF's

There was a time where wearing a daily SPF meant slathering a greasy cream on your face. In addition to blocking pores these SPF’s also left an unnatural white cast on the skin too. I still am haunted by childhood summertime memories and the sunscreen that made me look like a greasy ghost. Luckily for us in 2015 things have changed, SPF’s are more user friendly yet more effective than ever before.  So ladies and gents here are my top 3 daily sunscreens!

Clarins UV Plus HP
This SPF 40 has been my go to for years! If you were looking for something light weight this oil free sunscreen would be right up your alley. In fact this sun screen is so light this doesn’t leave the slightest white cast onto the skin.
I also wanted to point out scent because I know many don’t like the scent of sunscreen.  If you are one of those people I am happy to report this absolutely 100% does not smell like sun screen. Perfect for every skin type this sun screen is my first recommendation to people.

Miracle 10 Sunscreen Lotion 30 SPF
Miracle 10 has a soft spot in my heart, not only are they a local Toronto brand but they do skincare extremely well. This SPF is very different then the Clarins, it’s thicker and takes a little effort to blend in. Rest assured the finish of this sun screen is completely dry, it will not block pores nor will it make the skin greasy. This SPF also has the advantage of being water and sweat proof, which make it my top choices for active days out in the sun.

Aveeno Fresh Essentials Daily Moisturizer
With a SPF of 30 Aveeno’s Fresh Essentials is an excellent budget choice. This oil-free moisturizer spreads over skin with ease, while feeling light on the skin. However will say this has a slight dewy finish, which makes it great for dry to normal skin types (not so much for oily skin types). If you were looking for an inexpensive daily sunscreen the Fresh Essentials is worth checking out.

What are some of your favorite SPF's? Leave me a comment!

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