Sunday, June 14, 2015

No Bake Turtle Cheese Cake

There is a restaurant by our house that has the best Turtle Cheesecake one could ever ask for.  Jay and I love the cakes so much that we even strategized a really crappy plan to try to get the recipe. After realizing that paying off the waiters and hiding cameras around the restaurant wasn’t an option I decided to come up with a recipe of my own. What I created shocked me… not because it resembled the restaurants but because it was so tasty yet so easy. Yes Cheesecake can be super heavy and dense, but this light weight Turtle Cheesecake so light it makes it perfect treat after a summer BBQ.

1 PKG of Oreo’s
2-4 TBS of butter (room temperature)

1 PKG of cream cheese (room temperature)
½ cup of sugar
473ml of whipping cream
Melted milk chocolate to taste

Carmel Sauce (store bought it fine)
Melted Milk Chocolate
1 hand full of Pecans

1.       In a food processer, process entire package of Oreos and two table spoons of room temperature butter. You’re looking for the consistency of wet sand here, if your Oreo “sand” is not wet enough add more butter and process until consistency is just right.
2.       Take crust mixture and press into bottom of spring form pan. Try your best to make things as level as possible.
3.       In a mixer (or by hand) whip, whip cream until it forms stiff peaks. To avoid over mixing I always start my whipping cream in a mixer and finish it by hand. Transfer whipped cream into big mixing bowel.
4.       No need to wash that mixer bowl or attachment for this step! Add cream cheese, melted milk chocolate and half into mixer bowl and mix until combined. You could add more chocolate if you crave a richer Cheesecake. Personally I like my filling quite light, so I add enough chocolate to make my cheese mixture look like weak chocolate milk (about a half of chocolate bar).  
5.       Slowly fold in cream cheese mixture into whip cream. This will ensure your filling is light and fluffy.
6.       Once mixture is combined pour Cheesecake filling over Oreo crust. Smooth top with end of spatula and place in fridge. I let my cheese cake set overnight but 5 hours should do the trick too. Once cheese is firm release for spring form pan.
7.       Now is the time where this becomes a Turtle people… and it couldn’t be and more easy! Sprinkle pecans on cake, I use a handful of roughly chopped pecans. Finally I drizzle caramel and melted chocolate over the cake and I am done!